Bride’s Disturbing Discovering: ‘Mama’s Boy’ Groom Caught Breastfeeding on the Big Day

A wedding planner on a podcast snippet that has gone viral on TikTok, claimed that she was told by a wedding makeup artist about the time they found the groom being breastfed by his mum in secret while the bride had gone to the toilet.

Bride Stumbles Upon Groom’s Bizarre Behavior

A woman has become an internet sensation after exposing a shocking incident that allegedly took place on a wedding day. 

Wedding planner Georgie Mitchell, co-host of “The Unfiltered Bride” podcast, dropped a bombshell that shook the online world. Although she didn’t witness the scandalous event herself, Mitchell recounted the shocking story she heard from a makeup artist named Jenny.

In a viral TikTok clip, Mitchell told of the incident revealing that the bride stumbled upon something so outrageous that it had the potential to end the entire wedding. 

Suspense hung in the air as Mitchell posed the question: “What do you think she saw?”

He Took ‘Mommy’s Boy’ to a New Level

As Mitchell’s co-host, Beth Smith attempted to guess the groom’s transgression, the truth sent shockwaves through the podcast. 

Mitchell unveiled the jaw-dropping revelation: the groom was allegedly being breastfed by his own mother on his wedding day. 

Smith’s gasp of disbelief echoed the stunned reactions of listeners worldwide. One person jokingly remarked, “Took ‘mommy’s boy’ to a whole new level.” 

Another horrified individual exclaimed, “Honestly like how do you even come back from that???”

How shocked were you by this revelation? Let us know in the comments.

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