Groom Hiding Shocking Secret Behind Locked Door – Could the Wedding Go Ahead After Her Discovery?

One bride-to-be was stunned to find her fiance guarding their bedroom, only to find her mother-in-law inside trying on her wedding dress! The bride had already rejected the mother-in-law’s shocking $100 offer to try it on, but now things have taken a turn for the worst!

Planning the Perfect Wedding

The bride, June, excitedly started preparing for her wedding and bought her dream dress.

Her future mother-in-law, Maria, kept pestering her to try on the dress, but she firmly refused.

Maria offered the bride $100 to let her try on the wedding dress due to her “love” for wedding dresses.

One day, June returned home early and finds her fiance, Ryan, acting strangely, trying to prevent her from entering her room.

She Needed to See What He Was Hiding

Despite the resistance, June opened the door and was shocked to see her mother-in-law wearing her wedding dress.

June quickly took a photo of her mother-in-law in the dress and confronted her about it.

She firmly told Maria that she needed to pay for a new dress in three days or risk the photo being shown to the whole family.

Maria broke down in tears, expressing her regret for trying on the dress without permission.

He Sided With Mommy

Ryan sided with his mother, defending her and accusing June of overreacting.

June stood firm in her belief that the wedding dress should only be worn by the bride.

The bride shared her dilemma with her family, seeking their opinions on the matter.

The situation gained attention on social media, and people expressed their thoughts on the incident.

It’s revealed that Ryan offered to pay for the dress to resolve the issue but with certain conditions including, “Hand him my phone so he can delete the photo himself,” and even, “Swear that I don’t have any copies to “use” against his mom later.”

Doubts About the Relationship

Maria also demanded that June apologized to her as one of the conditions.

June now contemplates whether to accept her fiance’s offer or insist on Maria taking responsibility.

June asked Reddit what to do next, and they made their feelings clear.

“Are you sure you want to marry this guy?” One user said, “He stood guard outside your bedroom so that his mother could try on your wedding dress.”

Another user called for a breakup, saying, “He saw his mom in the dress before he saw his fiance in it and he thinks it’s no big deal. His terms are abusive.”

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