“Fragments of Hand Grenades Found in Bodies” – Putin’s Alleged Strike After Defiant Uprising – But Who Pulled the Pin?

Russian President Vladimir Putin has revealed news about the plane crash that claimed the life of notorious Wagner warlord Yevgeny Prigozhin in August after the international community suspected the Kremlin was behind the attack.

“Fragments of Hand Grenades Were Found in the Bodies”

Contrary to initial reports suggesting an “external” attack, Putin unveiled a startling theory, indicating that hand grenades within the aircraft might have been the cause of the devastating crash.

This unprecedented revelation came to light during Putin’s address at the Valdai Forum in Sochi, where he stated, “Fragments of hand grenades were found in the bodies of the victims. There was no external influence on the plane; it is an established fact,” referencing the recent report by the chairman of the investigative committee.

Yevgeny Prigozhin, a key figure who led a failed uprising against the Kremlin, was among the passengers on the private plane that crashed in a field northwest of Moscow in August while en route to St. Petersburg.

Deadly Crash

The crash resulted in the loss of all ten individuals on board, including Prigozhin and his top aides, but now Putin has admitted something sinister.

Putin, whose government firmly denied any involvement in the crash, refrained from offering a detailed explanation regarding how the grenades might have detonated on the plane. 

Putin expressed dissatisfaction that drug or alcohol tests were not conducted on the victims’ bodies, “I repeat, in my opinion, such an examination should have been carried out but it wasn’t.”

Putin revealed that, allegedly, “10 billion in cash and 5 kilos of cocaine” was raided in a Wagner office in St. Petersburg.

Reaction to the Rebellion

This plane crash transpired exactly two months after Prigozhin’s attempted mutiny against Russia’s military leadership, the most significant and audacious challenge to Putin’s rule in decades. 

In June, Prigozhin and his Wagner troops coercively took over Russian military sites and commenced a march toward Moscow before something unexpected occurred.

The Kremlin swiftly responded by deploying heavily armed troops to the streets.

However, before a face-off could occur, a last-minute deal was struck, ending the rebellion and leading Prigozhin and his fighters to neighboring Belarus.

A “Deliberate Atrocity”

Following the tragic crash, Russian officials claimed they were thoroughly investigating the incident and were open to exploring multiple scenarios on how it occurred, including a “deliberate atrocity,” AKA sabotage.

Contrary to Russia’s stance, US and Western intelligence officials strongly believed the crash was deliberate, prompting US President Joe Biden to suggest potential involvement by Putin. 

He had conveyed, “I don’t know for a fact what happened, but I’m not surprised,” in late August. 

Peskov staunchly denied claims of Kremlin involvement in the plane’s demise, categorically labeling such speculations as “absolute lies.”

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