Handyman Hal Net Worth 2022 – How Rich is the Youth Pastor?

Handyman Hal is a Youth Pastor at the church The Refuge, in Murrells Inlet, SC. His real name is Shawn Goins. He is also a YouTube star, making educational and entertaining videos regarding how things work. For instance, in one of his videos, Handyman Hal built a lemonade stand and taught children how to do it.

Handyman Hal also has a family-friendly YouTube channel by the same name. On his YouTube channel, he makes a wide variety of videos, such as lawn care, construction, and car washes. Such educational and entertaining videos are fun for the entire family to watch.

Handyman Hal Net Worth

Handyman Hal’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000.

How Handyman Hal Came to be

The idea about Handyman Hal came to Shawn Goins in 2020, during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the Youth Pastor at the church The Refuge, in Murrells Inlet, SC, Shawn Goins had to find a way to send videos to the children’s ministry. Everyone being in a lockdown made it more difficult for Shawn Goins to continue to connect with children.

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At the time, Shawn Goins was also working in constructing building houses and as a handyman for his family and friends. That is where he got the idea for Handyman Hal from. He created this character to teach children on Sundays through videos.

The children also really liked the character. One of Shawn Goins’ friends even suggested taking this a step further and putting Handyman Hal on real adventures to excite children. The purpose of the Handyman Hal character was to help children learn and discover things and various places in an engaging, educational, and entertaining way.

Shawn Goins and his production team made the videos with the belief that children can learn a lot simply by exploring the world around them. He started by making videos about construction, tools, and animals, aiming to educate children about these.

Soon, Shawn Goins and his team got positive responses from the audience. This motivated them to make other exciting videos, such as the school bus and car wash videos. He continued to post videos and other content so that more and more families discover Handyman Hal.

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Handyman Hal YouTube Channel

The Handyman Hal YouTube channel was created on 6th August 2007. Since then, about 186 videos have been uploaded on the channel. As of this writing, the channel has 70.5k subscribers and a total of 54,988,602 video views.

The channel was created in the United States of America and falls under the educational category. The number of subscribers in the last thirty days increased by 4.6k, which is a 14.6% increase. The video views in the last thirty days have been 3.902 million, which is a 20% increase. This indicates that the channel is performing well and is growing.