Has His Malicious Compliance Cost Him His Education?

The OP, a laid-back and easygoing individual, recently found himself in a frustrating situation with a financial aid officer at his college. His exchange with this financial aid representative left him feeling exasperated and angry. 

He’s Seeking Further Education

He is pursuing further education as an adult but facing financial constraints after a messy separation from his ex-spouse.

The financial aid officer asked for a copy of their separation agreement to prove that they were no longer together, and the OP promptly sent them a blank PDF of the full agreement along with a photo of the signatures. 

He put in the body of the email that they had to print the agreement and sign it in person, which is why they included the signatures as proof.

However, a few weeks later, the OP received a condescending phone call from the financial aid officer. Her tone was rude and dismissive as she claimed that the OP had sent her a blank PDF with no signatures.

She Said He Was Wasting Her Time and Energy

She accused him of wasting her time and energy, refusing to believe that there could be more than one attachment in the email!

Despite the OP’s attempts to explain that there was a second attachment with the signatures, the financial aid officer remained hostile and uncooperative.

The OP remained calm and polite, trying to guide the financial aid officer to locate the missing attachment.

He pointed out that the signatures were on a separate page, which was identical to the one in the PDF but had been printed and signed. 

Accusing Him of Not Sending the Right Paperwork

However, the financial aid officer continued to berate him, accusing him of not sending the complete agreement and ignoring his explanations.

Frustrated, the OP decided to resend the attachment again, asking if she could see it now.

The financial aid officer finally acknowledged the attachment but then complained that it was only the signature page and demanded the rest of the agreement!

The OP patiently explained that the rest of the agreement was the same as the PDF he had sent earlier, which was lengthy and detailed.

She Insisted on a Printed Copy

He questioned why she needed it again, as she already had the PDF. However, the financial aid officer insisted that she wanted the printed version as well, claiming they were different.

She was relentlessly harassing the OP, accusing him of stuff, and constantly talking over him. He felt like it was clear that she had already made up her mind and was just looking for excuses to deny his financial aid application. 

The OP offered to take photos of the remaining pages and send them to her, but she rudely interrupted him, demanding that he do so immediately.

She Hung up on Him!

Despite his efforts to explain, she hung up on him, leaving him frustrated and perplexed. So the OP decided to enact some malicious compliance.

Determined to prove his point, the OP took photos of every single page and emailed them to the financial aid officer.

However, due to Gmail’s limit of 5 items per email, he had to send them in multiple emails, one page at a time.

In response, the financial aid officer sent him an email, curtly stating that she would get back to him regarding his eligibility and asked him to please stop sending emails. 

He Was Worried

The OP was worried that he might have jeopardized his chances of getting a bursary for school, but he felt that the financial aid officer was biased against him and unwilling to listen to his explanations. 

He hoped that the next person who dealt with her would have a better experience and be able to communicate effectively.

He’s already resolved to ask to speak to a supervisor or to dispute the matter if his request for a bursary comes back as a no, so here’s hoping it works out for him!

Reflecting on the situation, the OP feels a mix of emotions. He was angry and frustrated at the financial aid officer’s dismissive attitude and lack of professionalism.

She Refused to Acknowledge His Papers

He had provided all the necessary documentation, but she had refused to acknowledge it and treated him disrespectfully. 

He also feels guilty for resorting to malicious compliance, sending multiple emails with photos of every page, but he had no other option in the face of her stubbornness.

The OP’s experience highlighted the challenges that some individuals face when dealing with bureaucratic processes and uncooperative officials.

Just Not Good Enough

He followed the instructions and provided the requested documentation, but it was not enough for the financial aid officer. 

Her rude behavior and refusal to listen had left him feeling unheard and frustrated. He had tried to maintain his composure and explain his situation, but she had been unwilling to consider his perspective.

Hopefully, she isn’t the person who judges whether he is eligible for the bursary! If she is, he may have ruined his chance of going to college.

What do you think of his tale of malicious compliance? It seems like this could hinder his chances of getting an education – hopefully, it doesn’t!

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