Has #MeToo Been Hijacked? Thomas’ Teammate Slams Left for Sacrificing Women’s Rights at the Altar of Trans Activism

Paula Scanlan, a former teammate of transgender swimmer Lia Thomas, voiced her thoughts on the hypocrisy she sees from Lia Thomas’ supporters. Here’s the full story.

Encouraging #MeToo Movement Victims To Speak Out

Scanlan began by acknowledging the #MeToo movement in empowering victims of sexual harassment and abuse to speak out.

“One might wonder what happened to the #MeToo movement — a movement that seemed ideally positioned to advocate for the safeguarding of women’s safety from physical and sexual violence — during these recent gender debates,” Scanlan wrote.

Scanlan contended that the movement seemed to have been “absorbed” by political agendas, losing its original focus on advocating for women’s safety from physical and sexual violence.

Prioritization of “Trans Rights” Over the Concerns of Cisgender Women?

Drawing a connection between the #MeToo movement and gender debates, Scanlan pointed out the perceived prioritization of “trans rights” over the concerns of cisgender women.

She said, “The obvious answer is that #MeToo was absorbed, as so sadly has been the case with many other women’s organizations in the U.S., into the Democratic Party.”

She suggested that certain women’s organizations had shifted their priorities to the point where advocating for transgender rights took precedence over safeguarding women’s safety and privacy.

#MeToo To Change Course and Stand With Women

“They have prioritized the advancement of ‘trans rights’ over the concerns of women, in the mistaken belief that this is somehow more compassionate and progressive. It’s not too late for #MeToo-aligned organizations to change course and stand with women: We deserve safety, privacy, and equal opportunity in all areas of life, just like everybody else,” she added.

Scanlan further delved into the contentious topic of transgender women competing in women’s sports.

She raised concerns about the potential risks to women’s safety when biological male bodies competed alongside cisgender women.

“Inherent Biological Characteristics and Functions of Male Bodies Pose a Risk”

She said, “While we should all balk at broad-stroke mischaracterizations of trans-identifying people as all being potentially violent, we should keep in mind that the inherent biological characteristics and functions of male bodies pose a risk.”

Scanlan also shared her personal experience as a member of Penn’s women’s swimming team.

She claimed university officials disregarded team members’ concerns about Lia Thomas’ participation and asserted that Thomas’ membership was “non-negotiable.”

“To Sum up the University’s Response, We the Women Were the Problem, Not the Victims”

She shared that she had to live with the “trauma of [her] sexual assault by undressing in front of … Thomas,” and the sexual assault by transgender women was neglected by the “women’s organizations.”

“To sum up the university’s response, we the women were the problem, not the victims. We were expected to conform, to move over and shut up. Our feelings didn’t matter,” she said.

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