“Haven for Illegal Aliens” and “Drug Cartels”: Land Developers Sell Land to Undocumented Migrants – Creating a Crime Infested “No-Go-Zone”

While illegal immigrants are crossing the southern border in record-breaking numbers, one land developer in Texas is making it easy for them to purchase land in the United States. Here’s the whole story.

Illegal Immigrants Owning Property

Terrenos Houston is giving illegal immigrants the chance to be property owners despite not having a Social Security number. 

One television advertisement for the company had a young Spanish-speaking woman offering “easy financing with the owner-to-owner method, low down payment, and comfortable [monthly] payments.”

 She also said it was “very easy” to apply because they “do not check credit.”

Home to “Criminals and Drug Cartels”

One property that the development owners purchased is about 30 miles north of Houston, Texas, and it covers roughly “33,000 acres.”

 Colony Ridge is the name of the property, and it is estimated that between 50,000-75,000 people live there, many of them being undocumented immigrants.

The property has received scrutiny recently over claims that it has become home to “criminals and drug cartels” since purchasers don’t have to prove American citizenship.

Haven for Illegal Aliens

The Texas House of Representatives said the property is “an optimal haven for illegal aliens amid a historic border crisis.”

According to Texas state officials, the land development is a “magnet for illegal immigrants.” 

However, the owners of the development disagree. One of the owners, Trey Harris, defended his business, saying, “The company is helping people.”

“Concerning” No-Go-Zone

Colony Ridge and its “collection of subdivisions” have become the topic of a special session of the Texas legislature over a “concerning” amount of “crime and cartel activity” happening in the community. 

Governor Greg Abbott, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, and Attorney General Ken Paxton are all involved in the Colony Ridge investigation. Abbott referred to the area as a “no-go zone” due to the high crime rates. 

Owner Trey Harris said the allegations against him from “conservative media and state elected officials” are not true. 

Population and Crime Increase

The owners say that they “vehemently disagree” with the charges being brought against them.

Local authorities say there has been an increase in crime and drug overdoses in Colony Ridge in recent years.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety statistics, there were 12 murders in the area in 2022, compared to only one recorded murder in 2011. The Census Bureau also shows a drastic increase in the area’s population between 2010 and 2022.

Cartel Property

Residents and local law enforcement agents believe two prominent cartels have property in Colony Ridge, giving them “considerable influence.”

Once the property made national headlines, reporters from all over the United States visited Colony Ridge. 

One man from Honduras who lives in a “run-down mobile home” in Colony Ridge told reporters he couldn’t talk because “they don’t like us to talk to anyone.”

The Harris brothers said they followed all rules and regulations when they were developing the area. They claim to sell lots to people who would have no other way of purchasing a home.

“Proud” of What They Do

The Harris brothers also say they are “proud” of what they do, and they “don’t apologize” for “giving Latinos opportunities to have their own homes.”

One critic of the land development posted on X, calling Colony Ridge a “scam” because the developers target “minorities from other countries.”

 This person also suggested that the developers would “disappear once enough homes are sold,” allowing Colony Ridge to become a “cartel stronghold.”

Other people called the allegations and rumors against Colony Ridge “racist.” One person on X said these are people “just trying to provide for their families.”

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