“Hazard” Removed from White House – Latest Threat to the Secret Service Revealed … As Biden’s Best Friend!

It took 11 Secret Service Agents getting bit before President Biden’s dog, Commander, was removed from the White House because of his aggressive behavior. Here’s the whole story.

Eleven Dog Bite Victims

Dogs are supposed to be a man’s best friend, but President Joe Biden’s dog, Commander, is more of a workplace hazard based on how many people he has bitten.

In his short time at the White House, the two-year-old German shepherd has bitten at least 11 members of the Secret Service and numerous other White House staff members.

In a recent incident, a Secret Service member required medical attention after being bitten by Commander because his wounds were so severe. 

Not the First Time

Commander isn’t Biden’s first dog to cause problems in the White House. Previously, President Biden had another German shepherd dog named Major living at the White House.

After a “biting incident” in 2021, Major was sent to live at the Biden family home in Delaware.

Commander was a birthday gift given to the president by his brother. The White House has acknowledged 11 biting incidents between Commander and members of the Secret Service, but witnesses say there have been more.

High-Spirited and Playful

One recent incident was caught on camera by a tourist who was in the area when it happened. The tourist snapped a picture of Commander biting White House groundskeeper Dale Haney in the White House gardens. 

Dale Haney is the superintendent of the White House grounds. He has taken care of the White House’s 18-acre property for more than 50 years. Haney also enjoys walking presidential dogs on occasion.

Haney has walked Commander in the past, but this time was different. According to the tourist who caught the dog biting Haney on camera, the dog “seemed very lively, high-spirited, and playful.”

Teeth Round His Wrist

It wasn’t until the tourist was going back through their pictures that they realized Commander had actually bitten Haney. The tourist said, “I saw the picture with [Commander’s] teeth quite clearly around the man’s wrist and arm.”

The First Lady’s communications director, Elizabeth Alexander, released a statement saying, “The President and First Lady care deeply about the safety of those who work at the White House and those who protect them every day.”

Alexander also said that Commander was “not presently on the White House campus” after the eleventh Secret Service member had been bitten.

“Hazard in the Workplace”

Former Secret Service Agent Jonathan Wackrow said the White House is a workplace for “hundreds, if not thousands, of people,” and the Biden family has brought a “hazard into the workplace.”

Wackrow said if it had only happened one time, you could call it an “accident,” but now that Commander has bitten multiple people over the years, it is a “serious issue.”

Critics on social media blamed President Biden for Commander’s behavior. One person on X said there are “no bad dogs, only bad owners.”

Another person said that Biden must be “stressing his dogs out” if “every dog he owns ends up biting people.”

Biden “Beyond Cruel”

Others wanted to know why it took so many biting incidents before the dog was removed from the White House. One person commented on X, saying, “Most neighborhood dogs would have been put down by animal control much sooner.”

One person said it was “beyond cruel” for the president to get a German shepherd puppy “with no intent to provide it training, consistency, and attention.” This person blamed Biden for bringing the dog into an “unstable environment.”

The same comment claimed Biden was only concerned with “his image” and had “zero empathy for the dog.”

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