He Accuses His Wife of Not Being an Equal Parent After She Expresses Discomfort With His Gay Son

A devoted dad stirred up controversy on Reddit recently after his wife told him she was uncomfortable with the way he loves his gay son. It’s a story laced with double standards and red flags that had commenters shaking their heads.

He Had Twins at a Very Young Age

OP is a 37-year-old man who has 20-year-old twin sons, both in college. He also has a 4-year-old daughter with his wife, who he married three years ago.

As the math says, OP was just 17 years old when his twins were born. The parents of his 16-year-old girlfriend at the time didn’t want anything to do with them, so they said OP had to figure it out.

OP himself wanted to give the boys up for adoption, but his parents made him keep them. He lived at home until he was 24, and when he was ready to move out, he again wanted to leave the kids behind.

But again, OP’s dad stepped in and said that if he was leaving home, he had to take his boys with him.

He Was Thankful That They Stayed as a Firmly-Bonded Trio

So OP and his sons set off on their own, and they started to develop very strong and special father-son bonds.

Before long, OP couldn’t imagine life without his boys, and he was grateful to his own father for keeping them together.

One of their favorite activities early on was to pile onto the couch and watch a movie, just the three of them. OP would wrap his arms around his son’s shoulders and kiss them on the head.

It became part of their father-son signature. From the time the boys were 7 all the way through to today, you might find OP on the couch with one or both of his boys.

He Didn’t Care That One of the Twins Was Gay

Recently, one of OP’s sons came home for a visit. He also brought another young man with him, who he introduced as his boyfriend.

OP had no idea beforehand that his son was gay, but he didn’t care. 

His son visited again after he came out to OP and found his father sitting on the couch watching a movie with his little stepsister.

The boy sat down on the other side of his dad, and OP hugged him and kissed him on the forehead, like always.

He Thought His Wife Was Homophobic

The next day, OP’s wife told him that she was uncomfortable with him hugging and kissing his gay son in front of her daughter. OP was shocked by her attitude and told her it’s none of her business how he interacts with his sons.

OP also told his wife she thought she was homophobic. In turn, she said that he does not treat her like an equal parent.

To that, OP replied with the cold, hard truth. He told his wife that she is not an equal parent when it comes to his twins. Now, hard feelings are simmering between the spouses.

OP asked his brother for advice, and the other man told him that his wife probably just needed some time to come to terms with the change. But OP doesn’t think there is a problem or anything she needs to “get used to.”

She Should Have No Say in His Relationship With His Sons

Redditors overwhelmingly support OP and his relationship with his sons.

Many of them applaud both OP and his father for working through the early years of the twins’ lives to arrive at a strong and healthy place. 

Most of them agree with OP that any problem that exists is between his wife’s ears, and not with his son.

They also agree that OP’s wife should have no say in how he conducts his relationships with his adult sons.

So, what do you think of this story?

Does OP’s wife just need some time to adjust to the news about her stepson being gay?

Or will her words and actions cause a permanent rift between her and her husband?

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