He Admits It Isn’t Worth Reacting to Work Drama if You Want to Avoid Trouble. What Do You Think?

Getting involved in workplace drama might seem worthwhile if you want to stick up for yourself or a colleague. However, it could backfire and result in you getting fired from a company you love for something so small.

He Shares Tips on How to Be a Positive Person

TikToker Mr. Blake W @mrblakew shares many tips on how to be a positive person and how to be selfish in a way that you only surround yourself with the right people.

His video about the workplace shares many hot tips on why it isn’t worth resting to work drama if you want to avoid trouble. 

Whether Mr. Blake W is speaking from experience is another matter. All that matters is that his point of view and suggestions could not have been said any better.

His rule number one is to not react or engage with any of their antics. This means if a colleague decides to kick up a fuss about something you or someone else did, do not respond. 

Is Sticking Up for Yourself Worth It?

Although you might wish to stick up for yourself, Mr. Blake suggests that sticking up for yourself is sometimes not worth it.

You can know for yourself that you are not wrong and if you react to their frustration, it could cause an unnecessary argument. 

Instead of engaging with the person, he states that they will likely go away. Hence, you can avoid drama and not cause unnecessary issues in the workplace.

He goes on to say that when workplace drama occurs and a colleague presses your buttons intentionally, it might be so that you can turn out to be the bad person.

You Don’t Need to Get Involved

Although they might have started the issue or spoken up about it, it doesn’t mean you need to get involved. 

If you do decide to get involved, then it could end up bad on your part and you will not look good in front of other colleagues and your boss.

Mr. Blake’s second rule is to simply keep your head down at work.

It isn’t worth starting arguments or saying the wrong thing. It could result in you being punished for something you didn’t mean to say or do. The less involved you are with workplace drama, the fewer disputes and issues you will have. 

Workplace Politics

He follows up with this second rule by talking about politics.

In the workplace, he suggests that there are many political values and there is a popularity contest no matter the industry. Hence, those that like to cause a scene and workplace drama and try to be well-known.

Yet, that doesn’t mean they are necessarily liked by others. 

Furthermore, Mr. Blake continues on the topic of politics to share the idea that if someone is close with the management team and you get into an argument with them, it could backfire on you.

Never Get Too Involved

Hence, never get too involved and keep yourself to yourself to avoid getting fired or receiving warnings. 

The video goes on to share a top tip for anyone that wishes to avoid a workplace that is always full of drama.

If you wish to escape and not be surrounded by toxic relationships, the best thing you can do is leave or move to another department.

Removing yourself from toxic situations will allow you to avoid disputes and arguments, which can get you into trouble and hinder your happiness.

Do You Want to Be Around Your Colleagues

If you are aware that your colleagues are not people you want to be around, moving might be the best or only option. 

Mr. Blake W shares his opinion that if someone is “unbearable to work with”, then you are better off leaving the company altogether.

He shares that loving your job is not worth your sanity and if you avoid leaving, it will catch up to you. 

Your foundation at work will eventually crumble underneath your feet if you do not have peace and sanity. You do not want to hate your job or get into unnecessary immature fights.

Take These Tips on Board

Therefore, taking these tips on board will ensure you can avoid undue workplace drama and avoid getting into trouble. 

There will always be another door for greater opportunities if you do need to leave to avoid the drama, says Mr. Blake W. 

What do you do about workplace drama? Will these tips help you avoid getting involved and into trouble?

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