He Asked Her To Use Her Money Which Resulted in a Bout of OCD, Flaring Tempers and a Heated Argument

Let’s delve straight into this everyday tale of relationships, money, and miscommunication. Dave is wrestling with a domestic predicament. He’s looking to answer a question that has stirred up some discord in his relationship with his girlfriend, Laura: Was he wrong for asking Laura to use her money to pay for gas?

A Happy Family

Dave and Laura live together and have a beautiful two-year-old child. Dave works outside the house, while Laura is a devoted stay-at-home mom. 

Usually, their routines run smoothly; however, yesterday, it was interrupted by a shrill phone call the moment Dave had finished work. Dave had borrowed his wife’s car and forgotten to fill up the gas tank the day before.

So Laura, with an almost empty tank at the mall, called Dave asking for his help. Now, the mall was a good 15 minutes away from Dave’s workplace, adding an extra 35 minutes to his commute home if he were to help Laura.

After a long day at work, all Dave wanted was to head straight home. He knew Laura had one of her personal cards in the car. 

He Said He’d Pay Her Back for the Gas (And Clean Her Car!)

Unsure whether it was a debit or credit card, Dave asked Laura if she could use it to fill the gas tank.

He assured her that he would pay her back double and even promised to fill up the tank himself and even clean the car when she got home!

To give more context, Dave recently got two new credit cards on his account. One was for him, and the other for Laura, and they both had the users’ names on them.

The old card he had was almost unusable. However, Laura somehow lost her new card and lost Dave’s as well, forcing Dave to continue using his old one.

But She Was Still Unhappy

Laura’s response to Dave’s suggestion wasn’t very positive, “So use my money?!” Dave re-explained his intentions and reassured her he would pay her back, but she was still unhappy.

Eventually, Dave drove to the mall to meet Laura. He attempted to give her his card to pay for gas, but she refused to accept it. Laura wanted Dave to follow her to a gas station and fill the gas himself!

It was then that Dave noticed that Laura had bought food from the food court! He was curious as to how she had managed to pay for it without money. 

Laura informed him that she had used her card since Dave hadn’t found the lost cards, and she expected him to pay her back for the food.

She Claimed She Couldn’t Pump Her Own Gas Due to Her OCD

Dave agreed, but he didn’t want to follow Laura to the gas station. He suggested that he could take their child home in his car and gave her his card to fill the gas.

At this point, Laura revealed a previously undisclosed issue; she claimed she couldn’t pump her own gas due to her OCD!

Dave found this odd as Laura had filled up gas herself several times before. Eventually, in a huff, Laura decided to go home without filling up the gas and left upset.

This entire episode unfolded because Dave asked Laura to temporarily use her money for gas, promising to pay her back. He found himself questioning, was he wrong for asking Laura to use her money for gas?

Which Ended Up Sparking an Argument

His intentions were simply to save some time after a long workday and make it convenient for both of them, but it ended up sparking an argument.

It seems like a fundamental communication gap and differing expectations about money management and responsibilities have caused this disagreement.

While some might think Dave’s request is reasonable, given he would reimburse Laura, others might sympathize with Laura, who wasn’t prepared for this sudden change in routine.

“You Are a Single Father of Two Toddlers”

Redditors overwhelmingly thought that Laura was in the wrong. One user quipped, “You are a single father of two toddlers.”

They thought the situation sounded exhausting – “Unless it’s a habit, you just need to grin and bear it because we all do inconsiderate things sometimes, and it’s not worth fighting over a 5-minute task.”

So what do you think? Was Dave wrong for asking Laura to use her money to fill up the gas? Or was this a reasonable request blown out of proportion? Let us know in the comments!

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