He Caused a Ruckus as He Took His Late Dad’s Ashes to the Electricity Board So He Could Disconnect the Service

The original poster’s (OP) dad died on Father’s Day 2012. Being an only child with divorced parents, OP had to take care of everything after his dad’s death. This story is about the hard work of canceling his dad’s utilities.

He Needed To Deal With His Late Father’s Estate

OP called the utility company to learn how to cancel the utilities. They told him to send in an official copy of his dad’s death certificate.

Even though OP sent in the document right away, he got another bill next month. He called the company again, and this time, a different person picked up the phone.

The new person insisted she had to talk to the account owner, even after OP told her he had died. The only thing OP could do was set up a meeting with a supervisor.

With another death certificate and his dad’s ashes in hand, OP went to the public utilities board.

He Took His Dad’s Ashes To Cancel the Electricity Bill!

When he met the supervisor, OP put the ashes and certificate on her desk and asked her to say hello to his dead dad. She was scared by this and called the police right away.

The supervisor said OP had attacked her, even though his dad’s ashes were still on her desk. The police came and asked OP about what he did.

OP told his side of the story, which led to a private chat between the police, the supervisor, and her boss.

And the Rude Employee Was Fired…

After the talk, the supervisor’s boss said OP’s request would be handled. But that wasn’t the end of the issue.

A few days later, when OP tried to set up utilities in his name, he was put on hold as soon as they recognized his name and address.

The supervisor’s boss came on the phone, said sorry a lot for the last time they talked, didn’t charge any setup fees, and said the rude employee was fired.

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