He Cheated When She Was Seven Months Pregnant, Now the New Girlfriend Wants to Change the Name of Her Son

A frustrated mother recently took to Reddit to ask for opinions after a fierce argument about her young son with her ex-husband’s girlfriend. This is the full story.

Her Husband Cheated When She Was Seven Months Pregnant

OP is a 33-year-old woman who has a 3-year-old son. When she was seven months pregnant, her husband cheated on her, which led to a divorce.

OP and her ex-husband now share custody of their toddler son, but the ex also lives with his new girlfriend. And that situation has created all sorts of problems.

For starters, the girlfriend doesn’t like the name that OP and her ex gave to their son. She says that it had been OP’s choice alone and thinks that all three of them should have had a say.

The girlfriend has implied that they should change OP’s son’s name.

The New Girlfriend Wants to Change Her Sons Name!

Beyond just the name, though, the ex’s girlfriend wants to dictate what things OP’s son should and should not have. She even throws away things that OP buys for her boy.

OP is frustrated with the situation because she doesn’t have much money and can’t afford to replace the items her ex’s girlfriend throws out.

Beyond the finances, though, OP is upset that the girlfriend is undermining her rights as a parent and also depriving her son of things his mother wants him to have.

It all came to a head recently when OP took her son to stay at his father’s house, as per their custody arrangement.

She Handcrafted Her Son a Beautiful Blanket

OP had recently crocheted a special blanket for her son, a labor of love that required a significant investment of both time and money. OP was very proud of the blanket, which had the baby’s name stitched into it.

When OP took her son to stay with his dad, the blanket was one of the items she sent with him.

Then, when OP went to pick up her son at the end of his stay, she was surprised to see that the blanket wasn’t among the times his dad had packed up to come home with him.

OP asked where the blanket was, and her ex told her that his girlfriend had thrown it away to punish the boy. It seems that the woman had first taken the blanket away and offered him a different one, but he refused.

The Girlfriend Threw It Away to Punish Her Son

OP was shocked and horrified. She called her ex-father-in-law looking for some support, but he told her to stop creating drama and hung up on her.

Then she reached out to some of her ex’s family who had remained close to her, including her sister-in-law.

This was part of the family that the new girlfriend was trying to get closer to as she and the ex moved closer to getting married.

OP’s sister-in-law was very upset to hear about the blanket and the way her brother’s girlfriend was treating her nephew in general.

He Says She’s Jealous of the New Girlfriend

She called the couple to let them know she was upset, and then she posted the whole sordid affair on social media.

That led to OP’s ex calling her up to chew her up and tell her that she was pathetic and just jealous of his girlfriend. He said she was just trying to turn his family against the other woman.

Now OP wonders if she made a mistake by telling her ex’s family about the blanket.

Redditors mostly support OP and her decision to involve her ex-husband’s family in her dispute with his girlfriend.

100% Custody of Her Son in Order

Some say she didn’t go far enough and should consider seeking 100% custody of her son.

Many think that the ex and his girlfriend are using his son as a pawn to hurt OP, abusing the boy in the process.

So, what do you think of this story? Was OP right for calling on her ex-in-laws for help with her situation?

Or should she have found a way to handle it on her own, without involving her ex’s family?

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