He Demanded a Refund for the Services He Used! His Excuse Was the Epitome of Entitlement!

Have you ever had to deal with entitled customers who refuse to pay for services they have used? This story is about a front desk worker named Nate who faced such a situation with a particularly difficult guest! Read on to learn how he handled the situation and the aftermath that followed.

He Worked at the Front Desk

Nate had been working the front desk at the hotel for over a year. He had seen it all – the happy guests, the angry ones, the ones who wanted to chat, and the ones who just wanted to get to their room as soon as possible.

But there was one guest that he would never forget – the entitled one who thought he could get away without paying for the premium internet service.

It was a busy weekend at the hotel, and Nate had been on his feet for hours. He was tired, but he knew he had to put on a smile and greet every guest with the same enthusiasm as the first one he checked in that day.

As he was about to finish up with a guest, he noticed a man standing at the counter, phone in hand, looking impatient.

The Guest Was Curt and Rude

Nate greeted him with a smile and asked how he could help. But instead of returning the courtesy, the man’s response was curt and rude.

He claimed they had charged him for the premium internet service that he had used, and he demanded that Nate remove the charge from his bill.

Nate tried to explain that the premium internet service was not free and that the guest had to pay for it.

But the man was adamant that he had never been charged for it before and that he was a rewards member who always received it for free at other locations. He was certain that he was entitled to the same treatment at this hotel.

His Reasoning Fell on Deaf Ears

Nate’s attempts to reason with the guest fell on deaf ears. The guest was getting more and more agitated and was becoming increasingly rude. Nate’s patience was wearing thin, but he tried to remain professional and calm.

As the conversation continued, the man became more aggressive, insisting that Nate refund the charge. When Nate explained that he couldn’t refund a charge for a service that had been used, the man became even more angry.

He demanded that Nate call the manager on their day off to plead his case, and he accused Nate of being unprofessional when he suggested that the man call the manager himself.

Feeling rattled and a little shaken, Nate watched as the man stormed out of the hotel, still fuming. He couldn’t believe the sense of entitlement the guest had exhibited. He wondered what would happen next.

He Left an Entitled and Scathing Review

As it turned out, the man went on to leave a scathing one-star review of the hotel online, making all the same complaints he had made to Nate.

Nate’s manager, who had been at the hotel that day and had witnessed the interaction between Nate and the guest, stood by Nate and refused to refund the charge.

The guest wasn’t satisfied with this outcome, however, and he took his complaint to the hotel’s main company hotline.

They called the hotel to ask what had happened, and Nate calmly explained the situation, hoping that they would see how unreasonable the guest had been.

The Company Backed Him

To Nate’s relief, the company hotline agreed with the hotel’s decision not to refund the charge. The charge would stand, and the entitled guest would have to pay for the premium internet service like everyone else.

Nate felt relieved that he had done the right thing and that his company had backed him up. But he couldn’t help but wonder about the man and his entitled attitude.

He knew that in the future, the man would not be able to use his usual line, “They NEVER charge me.”

But Nate hoped that he had learned his lesson and that he would treat others with more respect and understanding in the future.

He Was Capable of Handling Difficult Situations

But the experience had taught him something, too. It had taught him that he was capable of handling difficult situations and that he had the support of his manager and the company behind him.

It had taught him that being professional was the right thing to do, even in the face of rudeness and entitlement. And it had taught him that, sometimes, the entitled guests really do get what they deserve!

Redditors enjoyed Nate’s story. One user said, “What this person thinks is happening: I’m a big important boy, and everyone loves me, so they give me free things. What is actually happening: I bully front-facing employees and complain to managers until I get what I want for free.

Good for you, OP. It’s not easy being the person to break that chain. Most people will just roll their eyes and let people like that get what they want just to get them out of their hair.”

Have you ever had to deal with a difficult customer? How did you handle the situation?

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