He Did Exactly What He Was Asked, Caused Chaos and Then Fled the Sinking Ship

Years ago, OP managed a mid-size IT company’s daily operations. This company provided IT services for large enterprises, government entities, medical facilities, and more. The company’s owner, who once had a solid grasp on IT, had seen his skills wane over time.

He Supervised Dozens of Busy Technicians

OP supervised dozens of technicians. Each handled approximately 150 tickets a day, with their workloads powered by automation and expertise.

Their clients’ operations were critical, involving activities like running prisons and dangerous pressure testing. Hence, the team often received urgent tickets.

The team was immersed in constant emergencies. Everything was an emergency to the point that nothing seemed like one anymore. Despite this, they were appreciated for their calm and composed responses to crises.

As time passed, OP sensed growing resentment from the owner, who started to become verbally abusive. The owner seemed to feel threatened by OP’s leadership and frequently tried to undermine him publicly.

He Was Usually Available for Any Out-Of-Hours Assistance

The technicians usually consulted OP during off-hours when decisions were required, avoiding escalating to the owner. However, sometimes OP was unavailable, and the technicians had to call the owner for assistance.

Every call to the owner resulted in an exaggeration of the situation’s urgency, leading to unnecessary hours spent and additional technicians involved.

The owner would then glorify himself for resolving the ’emergency’ and criticize OP publicly.

After one particular exaggeration, the owner yelled at OP for a mistake that could have cost them a customer.

After Being Criticized, the Owner, as Requested Was Notified About ALL Critical Issues

The owner demanded to be notified about every critical issue. OP decided to comply and got permission to notify the owner via email.

OP, using their IT skills, created an automatic email rule to send the owner an email whenever a ticket was marked ‘Critical’. The owner’s inbox was flooded with emails, making his life a nightmare.

During a client meeting, the owner’s phone started getting continuous notifications from all the incoming emails. The owner texted OP asking to turn off the notifications, but OP let it run until the owner’s inbox was overwhelmed.

Lack of Appreciation Led to Him Resigning

A few weeks later, OP got a new job offer and left the company without notice. The company began to decline after OP’s departure, with the owner selling their building and moving to a less appealing location.

In leadership, respect and understanding are pivotal. Arrogance and unwillingness to listen can lead to unanticipated consequences.

In the end, OP’s story highlights the importance of appreciating and valuing team members’ efforts, as overlooking these can prove to be a leader’s downfall.

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