He Drops a Hilarious Bombshell at a Family Dinner, “Pay Our Bills if You Want My Wife To Quit Her Job!”

A confused and frustrated husband sparked outrage on Reddit after he told his mom and sister to pay his bills if they thought his wife should give up her job. He feels bamboozled by the whole situation. Here is his full story.

She Wants To Be a Housewife

OP is a 28-year-old man who is married to a 31-year-old woman. Recently, his wife has decided to be a stay-at-home wife and then a stay-at-home mother.

That all came as a shock to OP since they talked through how they would handle parenthood well before they ever got married.

The plan was always to take turns being off work for the first year after their child was born. Then OP and his wife would both go back to work full-time.

The other piece of this wife’s about-face that’s concerning to OP is that they haven’t even been trying to have kids.

He’s Not Sure Why She Wants To Quit Her Job

So he’s not sure why she wants to quit her job now when they could both be earning and saving money.

Whatever caused the change of heart, OP’s wife has been putting pressure on him. And when he raises concerns about finances, she says they can make it on his salary.

OP’s wife also gave him some ideas about how he could make more money as a sole provider.

Her big revelation was that he could return to school and start a higher-paying career, or just take on a second job.

His Dad Was Always Exhausted

But OP has no interest in doing any of that. He likes his job, doesn’t want to change careers, and doesn’t want to get a second job.

OP grew up with a dad who worked constantly and was always so exhausted he could hardly stay awake at the dinner table. OP wants to spend good, quality time with his kid instead.

So, the only real option for OP is for his wife to keep working, just like they always planned. But she’s not at all ready to let the subject drop.

That became crystal clear recently when OP and his wife had dinner at his mother’s house. His sister and her kids were also there, and the conversation inevitably turned to kids.

She Told Her In-Laws That He Was Mean!

That was the opening that OP’s wife needed, so she told her in-law’s that he was mean and wouldn’t let her be a stay-at-home mom.

OP’s mom and sister were ecstatic initially because they thought his wife was announcing she was pregnant.

He was able to get everyone calmed down and explained that his wife just wanted to quit her job now.

Even though they were disappointed that OP’s wife wasn’t pregnant, his mom and sister took her side in the argument.

He Said They Could Help Pay the Bills…

They thought he should do whatever it took to make sure his wife could stay home if she wanted.

OP felt ambushed but thought he could regain control of the situation. So he asked his mom and sister if they would pitch in to help his wife with the house and future baby whenever needed.

They both were enthusiastic in their support and told OP that they would help out whenever they could.

OP smiled and said it was great to have their support. Then he told them he would also need them to help pay the bills if his wife stayed home long-term.

They Said HE Was Being Dramatic!

No one else at the table thought that was funny, and OP’s mom told him he was being dramatic. She said he should cut his hobbies and maybe sell one of their two cars to make it work for his wife.

After that, the conversation ended, and OP and his wife headed home. She was angry with him and told him he was out of line for tricking his mom and sister the way he did.

Now OP is frustrated because the whole family seems to be against him, but he doesn’t see a way to make his wife’s work-from-home plans work.

His Troubles Are Just Beginning!

Most Redditors don’t think OP was out of line, but they do think his troubles are just beginning. Some suggest that his wife may just up and quit without telling him.

And more than a few of them advise that OP should seriously examine his marriage before the couple has kids.

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