He Ensured the Guy Lost Out on an Exclusive Truck Because of His Bad Attitude!

Customers can be nightmares sometimes, but this guy really takes the cake! That’s why this tale of revenge is oh-so-sweet. He ended up missing out on something he’d wanted for years, all due to his bad behavior! Read on to find out more.

He’s a Seasoned Car Salesman

Meet the original poster (OP), a seasoned car salesman who has dealt with over 1,000 customers in his career. He prides himself on his fair and transparent dealings, always offering the best possible deal to his clients.

That is until Tom walked in.

Tom was a special kind of difficult customer from the very beginning. He wanted to haggle, but the OP didn’t have the time for that.

He gave Tom the deal: MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) minus any rebates, plus the $299 dealer fee and TTL (tax, title, and license), which was already super reasonable.

He Was a Royal Pain

Tom didn’t like it and stayed at the OP’s desk for hours, trying to get a better deal.

Eventually, the OP got up and left to meet his other appointments, but Tom was just beginning.

Tom sat at the OP’s desk for a long time and finally went to the manager to make a deposit and order the vehicle – after three hours of waiting!

But the OP’s troubles didn’t end there. Tom turned out to be a royal pain from that point on. He forged a dealer offer sheet from a competing dealer in an attempt to get a $3,000 discount.

He Kept on Complaining

He called the dealership’s auto group headquarters and Ford headquarters multiple times to complain. They caught him lying several times, attributing false statements to the OP and his manager. 

A few weeks before his vehicle was due, Tom sent out a massive email to the dealership, including the customer service representatives, the OP, his manager, and his general manager, listing his unreasonable demands and complaints.

This was the final straw for the OP. He had had enough of Tom’s behavior and decided to take action.

A new customer had recently inquired about an F150 Raptor, but the order banks were closed, and the dealership had none in stock.

Sell the Truck to a New Customer

However, this new customer was very friendly and pleasant, so the OP went to his general manager (GM) with a proposition. 

He suggested that they sell the F150 Raptor that had just become available to a new customer who seemed super nice at MSRP, refund Tom his money, and tell him they couldn’t do business with him.

The GM agreed, and the OP got tasked with writing the email.

“Dear Tom, after careful consideration of your last email and your past experience, we’ve decided we can’t meet your expectations and wouldn’t want you to be disappointed in your vehicle.

We Will Refund the Money

Therefore, we have decided to refund your money. We have instructed our accounting department to cut a check and overnight it to the address on file.

You will be receiving a refund in full. We hope you can find a dealership that can match your expectations. We wish you all the best.”

The OP was relieved to have finally cut ties with Tom, but he still had one more task to do.

He called up the nice customer who had inquired about the F150 Raptor earlier and offered him the vehicle for MSRP plus the dealer fee and TTL.

And the Customer Was Thrilled

The customer was thrilled and quickly agreed to place a deposit and start the paperwork.

Tom wasn’t happy with his refund, though. He called the OP, furious, threatening to sue the dealership. The OP calmly passed the call to his GM, who gave Tom the law firm’s phone number and asked him not to call back again.

Meanwhile, the nice customer arrived at the dealership, ready to sign the paperwork and drive away with his new F150 Raptor!

The OP felt a sense of satisfaction, knowing that he had done the right thing by standing up to Tom and putting a deserving customer behind the wheel of a sought-after vehicle.

He Prioritized People Nice Over Mean

From that day forward, the OP knew that he would always prioritize fair and reasonable customers over difficult ones like Tom.

He learned that sometimes, it’s better to walk away from a bad deal than to put up with a customer’s unreasonable demands.

In the end, it’s not just about making a sale but about building a reputation for honesty and integrity in the car sales industry.

Bullet Dodged!

Redditors loved this guy’s tale. One user said, “Bullet dodged. Even if he’d gotten the vehicle, he would have continued to be a pain. He would have wanted free service, he would have found fault with it somehow, and wanted a partial refund, etc. Regardless he was always going to savage you on the review so that’s going to be a wash.”

What do you think of this guy’s tale? Was he in the wrong for not selling the pickup to Tom?

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