He Felt Unappreciated and Financially Drained; He Finally Snaps and Leaves a Single Mom

Prepare to be amazed as a person shares their heartfelt story of why they had to end their relationship. This guy ended a long-term relationship with his partner because she was becoming too expensive to be with after he paid for her holidays, children, and expensive lifestyle without getting anything in return!

They Live Comfortably

The man confesses that they earn a good income, which is above average, allowing them to live comfortably.

Their partner has two children from a previous relationship with deadbeat parents who never contributed financially.

Since meeting their partner six years ago, the person has been helping her financially.

Initially, it was manageable, but over time it became overwhelming.

His Step-Child Shows No Interest in a Job

The man’s partner has an older child, who is now 19 and unemployed.

Despite numerous discussions about the importance of finding a job, the child showed no interest. This caused resentment and strained the relationship.

The partner frequently took expensive trips to visit family abroad, leaving her financially broke.

The man claims that he never paid for her trips but questions the purpose of her extravagant spending and constant need to impress others.

The man felt the weight of financial responsibility on their shoulders.

He Shouldered All the Costs

He was solely responsible for groceries, outings, holidays, school expenses for the younger child, and clothing.

The partner rarely made any financial contributions except for cooking meals.

Despite their love for each other, the person realized that the relationship was becoming unsustainable and unhealthy.

They felt unappreciated, rarely receiving gifts or even a free coffee or meal.

So Made the Decision to End the Relationship

Realizing their partner’s situation as a single mother of two was becoming too much to handle, the man decided to end the relationship.

Despite their deep affection, he knew it was necessary for his well-being.

While any reason for a breakup is valid, this individual recognized that the relationship’s financial strain and lack of balance had reached a breaking point.

Now, he has turned to Reddit for answers on whether he made the right decision, and it’s fair to say they didn’t hold back!

“You Were Her Caretaker, Not Her Partner”

One user claimed this was no relationship, arguing, “You were her caretaker, not her partner. A good relationship involves giving to each other and working together to make things better for both.”

Another argued that the man clearly wasn’t fully aware of what he was getting into, “You knew you were getting into a relationship with a single mother of two. You didn’t know you were signing up to financially support two adults and a child, as well as yourself.”

Would you have done the same thing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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