He Gave His All to Some Customers Who Were Only Vying for a Discount; They Were Nothing but Devious Trouble

In a store where tees and suits share racks, a man and his wife walked in one late Friday evening. The couple didn’t bother seeking help from OP or his manager, preferring instead to dive into the array of suits on display. It wasn’t long before the man, grappling with an ill-fitting jacket, called OP for assistance.

He Helped a Gentlemen With a Suit or Two

After sorting out the man’s size, OP fetched him two more jackets with matching pants.

As the couple admired the suits, a feeling of optimism washed over OP – a hefty sale was in sight, and their struggling store badly needed the boost.

But little did OP know that this promising interaction would soon take an unexpected turn.

The customer’s odd behavior began to show when he requested that OP put the suits aside for a moment.

Who Spotted Some Loose Threads on the Jacket

He then proceeded to meticulously examine the jackets, twice spotting a loose thread that OP had to remove. Satisfied at last, he embarked on a tour of the store.

Returning to the counter, the man announced his need for shoes, offering no further details. After a little clarification from OP, the man picked out a pair of shoes.

And then, out of the blue, he threw in a curveball: a demand for a discount.

OP explained that the suit was part of a deal and couldn’t be discounted further. The customer then mentioned that he had an account with their branch in another country.

He Was Nothing Short of Trouble

OP, eager to facilitate the purchase, offered to create a local account for him, entitling him to a 20% discount on full-priced items. However, this discount wouldn’t apply to the suit deal.

Things went south when the customer suggested buying the suit pieces separately to avail of the discount, falsely believing that it would save him money.

OP tried to explain that the discount could only be applied once, but the customer insisted on a refund for the suit to carry out his plan.

In the face of this unreasonable demand, OP stood his ground. He clarified that he couldn’t undo the applied discount or give it out again.

And Made an Almighty Fuss Over $10!

But the customer refused to understand. He couldn’t comprehend why OP was ‘making a fuss over $10’, failing to realize it wasn’t about the amount, but the principles of retail operations and rules governing discounts.

As the tense interaction came to an end, the customer demanded OP’s and his manager’s names, sarcasm lacing his words.

OP complied, only for the customer to storm out in a huff, leaving OP behind to reflect on the surreal encounter over a discount.

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