He Got a 30 Percent Pay Rise After His Boss Called His Work SLOPPY

A recent post on the malicious compliance Reddit has had a lot of activity. In this post, the Redditor explained how he managed to maliciously comply his way to a 30% raise while also embarrassing his interim boss!

A Malicious Compliance Raise

This guy is a 31-year-old man who started working for his uncle’s company two years ago. His uncle, along with a few business partners, runs the company, and his role is a mix of personal assistant and apprentice, where he learns everything about running a business.

In exchange, he receives a fixed monthly salary and a bonus at the end of every year.

One of the perks of this job is that he has complete control over his work schedule. He can come to work just three days a week as long as he delivers results.

On Call 24-Hours a Day

If necessary, he can work up to 60-65 hours per week and is available on call nearly 24/7. His uncle knows and trusts in his work ethic, and so far, everything has been running smoothly.

However, things changed in September last year when his uncle took a trip to meet new clients in another state. One of his uncle’s associates, G, took over his role for a few days.

The problem was that the original poster (OP) was exhausted from working a 14-hour shift the day before and two 12-hour shifts the week before. He took an early leave the first day G was there and arrived late on the second day.

The OP started working normally on the third day until his uncle returned a week later.

New Boss Slates Him

Now that his uncle was back, G had some not-so-nice things to say about the OP’s work ethic. G was furious at the OP’s “attitude” and berated his uncle for even contracting him in the first place since he doesn’t even work regular full hours.

G demanded that the OP punch in his working hours and that if he didn’t meet the ‘quota,’ those hours would be deducted from his monthly payment. Other partners backed up G’s claim and stated that the OP needed more supervision on what he was doing.

G forced the OP’s uncle to comply with his demands, but his uncle made sure to point out that if they were doing things by the law, they would have to pay him overtime according to the law.

They all agreed, and from October onward, OP would start punching his hours on the job every day.

He Hatched a Plan

G had angered the OP, and he would soon realize his mistake. The OP was a good, hard-working man and took offense to G telling his uncle that he had a lousy work ethic. So he hatched a plan.

He decided to comply with this new rule by the book, which included recording every minute of his time spent on work-related tasks, even if it was after hours or at weekends.

G expected his pay to decrease due to him being in the company during the OP’s least busy week, but the OP typically pulls a ton of overtime hours!

Plus, if they need to call him after he has left work, they have to punch in the hours from the moment he left until he finishes the call, resulting in overtime pay.

It’s All Within the Law

According to the law, the rate of overtime pay increases the more overtime you do in a month. It’s a strange formula, but to simplify, his average overtime hours pay third higher than other employees with the same monthly salary as him.

So, the OP’s monthly income is now 30 percent higher due to the overtime he receives! In a busy month, that could get even closer to 50 percent higher, even though he is working a little less than before.

He finds the situation amusing because G can’t go back to the previous arrangement since his uncle made sure that once the OP started punching his hours, there was no going back, and all the partners approved.

In the end, he came out on top and got a 30 percent raise due to the overtime pay!

Although the OP was initially annoyed with the new requirement to punch in his hours, he turned the tables on G and ended up making more money!

New Boss Deals With Consequences

The OP’s uncle was happy with his work, and now, G has to deal with the consequences of his demand!

This situation highlights the importance of understanding labor laws and how they can benefit employees. Even if the law requires a change that seems unfavorable at first, it’s worth researching it to see if it might not help you out in the long run!

Reddit users loved this story.

One user said, “The smartest man in the room took his uninformed opinion and ruined himself and his partners. I hope you are not too obvious with your grin whenever you see him. Nice to have an unintended 30 percent raise to go along with you learning how to run a business!”

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