He Got All Creepy and Got on His Colleagues Nerves by Digging Around in Daughter’s Personal Life

A curious office worker drew the ire of Redditors when he revealed that he had been pressing his coworker for details about his influencer daughter. Is he a creep or just way too nosy? Decide for yourself after reading the full story.

His Colleagues’ Daughter Is Semi-Famous

OP works with a man whose daughter is semi-famous on the internet, with a Wikipedia page and a pretty strong social media presence.

OP follows the girl on social media, and he thinks she’s pretty entertaining. Occasionally, he asks his coworker about the daughter, and the other man will sometimes share interesting nuggets.

Recently, curiosity got the better of OP, and he decided to do a little more digging.

He knew that the girl’s parents had gotten divorced when she was 18, and he noticed that mom showed up a lot more frequently than dad did in pics on their daughter’s posts.

So He Thought He’d Do Some Digging Into Her Past

In fact, OP went back more than five years to tally the number of photos each parent appeared in. It was three for the dad and a whole bunch for the mom.

OP got pretty detailed with his analysis, too, noting which years his coworker appeared in photos, and who he appeared with. He even stumbled across some pics of the girl when she was a kid.

OP also noticed that the girl had adopted a stage surname that she used on her public social media profiles. He was curious why she wasn’t using her dad’s last name.

So, OP decided to go right to the source to satisfy his curiosity. He and his coworker had traded details about their personal lives before, including their divorces, so he felt like they were trusted friends.

He Started Questioning His Colleague

At work the next day, OP asked his coworker why he wasn’t in more pics with his daughter. The other guy just laughed and said he was camera shy.

OP pushed on, asking about the fake surname the coworker’s daughter used. His “buddy” said he didn’t know.

And when OP kept pushing, the coworker grew darker, quieter, and more annoyed. Finally, OP decided he was pressing his luck and left the guy alone.

The following day, OP noticed that his coworker was distant and seemed to be avoiding him. Then, late in the day, OP’s boss pulled him aside and gave him a formal warning for asking provocative and harassingly questions.

But He Didn’t Want To Talk About His Daughter

OP later approached his coworker to try to talk about the situation, but the other man just told him to “****” off and walked away.

Every attempt OP has made since then to contact his coworker have been met with hostility or avoidance.

Now, OP is frustrated with the situation and angry that he got in trouble for what he considers to be nothing.

So he took to Reddit to seek other opinions and try to figure out if he was missing something. Really, he feels like it’s all just some high school crap that he thought he was done with years ago.

It Got Creepy and He Wouldn’t Drop It!

And, boy did Redditors give him an earful!

They almost unanimously think OP was an idiot about the whole situation and that he was way too deep into his coworker’s personal business.

Many of them say that OP is basically stalking the other guy’s daughter online and that he’s a creep through and through.

Some point out that OP’s coworker gave him clear signals to back off when he started blowing off his questions, but OP just kept pressing.

So, what do you think of this story?

Was OP out of line for asking his coworker personal questions about his daughter and the rest of his family?

Or was he right for assuming it was OK because the two men had swapped personal stories in the past.

Adn do you think OP is stalking hsi coworker’s daughter?

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