He Got His Own Sweet Revenge and Re-Locked Frantic Fred’s Keys in His Car Because He Refused To Pay

In the locksmith’s shop, where machines hummed rhythmically, crafting keys to fit perfectly into their destined locks, life unfolded in its usual, predictable manner. Until that day, when a whirlwind by the name of “Frantic Fred” stormed in, transforming the monotony into an unanticipated saga.

A Desperate Frantic Fred

Amidst a straightforward task of creating duplicate keys for a customer, an individual made his rather unconventional entrance.

Frantic Fred, bare-chested and exuding an aura of sheer desperation, demanded immediate assistance to unlock his car.

Despite the nearing closing time and the man’s less-than-ideal attitude, the locksmith’s innate concern for potential dire situations—a child or pet possibly locked in the car—led him to comply.

Upon the completion of his current assignment, the locksmith started gathering pertinent information from Fred about his car, address, and contact details.

He Followed ‘Fred’ to His Locked Car

The peculiarity of the situation heightened when he was informed that both Fred and his girlfriend’s phones were locked inside the car.

Despite the arising skepticism, the locksmith adhered to his professional duty, secured the shop, and followed Fred to the car’s location.

On the spot, all they found was a deserted car with keys lying on the seat in quiet solitude. Fred, expressing an unusual amount of affection for his so-called ‘classic’ car, cautioned against any potential harm to it.

A swift unlocking operation and verification via the insurance card substantiated his claim of ownership. Then came the moment of reckoning – presenting the $40 bill for the services rendered.

Fred Didn’t Expect To Pay!

Fred’s bewildered expression at the sight of the bill suggested his reluctance—or perhaps disbelief—in the concept of paying for services rendered.

Despite the locksmith’s steadfast yet respectful attempts to explain, Fred remained resolute in his refusal.

The locksmith, having faced a similar predicament in the past, was left with no choice but to hold his ground.

So He Tossed the Keys Back in the Car and Locked It

Summoning his courage, the locksmith tossed the keys back into the car, locked it, and exited the scene.

Barely an hour had passed since he reached the sanctuary of his home when his phone rang. It was none other than Fred, dialing in desperation, pleading for help once more.

However, the locksmith, no longer willing to bend to the whim of this ungrateful customer, quoted double the original service charge, a proposal met with an angry outburst and abrupt disconnection from Fred.

One might believe that such incidents are sporadic, rare occasions in the life of a locksmith. However, comments from online readers narrating their experiences suggest otherwise.

Rightful Compensation

One reader recalled being charged $40 cash by a locksmith who, unbeknownst to the customer, had been paid by their insurance company as well—thereby getting paid twice for a single job.

Another reader relayed their experience, expressing how they encountered similar resistance from customers at their job, where they replaced watch batteries for an $8 fee.

Despite performing the service, some customers felt entitled to complain about the charge, citing the quickness of the task as a reason for a price reduction.

An interesting suggestion made by a third reader was the inclusion of an out-of-hours charge, additional to the standard service cost, as an appropriate deterrent for ‘Frantic Freds’ of the world, and as a rightful compensation for the service provider who ventures beyond their professional obligations.

He Had Silent Victory and Fred Had a Huge Bill

The locksmith in our tale left Fred uninformed that a neighboring locksmith would charge a hefty $100 for car unlocks.

It was his silent victory over the situation.

This story, a riveting reminder that professional services are not charitable handouts, serves as a salute to the unsung heroes of the service industry—those who, equipped with their key-cutting machines, demonstrate unparalleled resolve in the face of adversity.

In the world of service, it was just another day. But the tale of the locksmith and Frantic Fred would be remembered, retold, and reflected upon, again and again.

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