He Got Ostracized From His Friendship Group Because of a Tight-Fisted Friend Who Never Paid! His Friends Soon Realized

Sometimes people we thought were friends can end up becoming a huge thorn in our sides. That’s what happened to this particular guy, who found himself ostracized from his friendship group because of his unwillingness to hang around with a certain group member. Luckily for him, his friends soon came to see his way of thinking!

Great School Friends

Joey has been friends with the same group of people since the early days of high school. They’ve been through thick and thin, navigating the challenges of adolescence together and creating countless memories along the way.

However, as they near the end of their senior year, tensions within the group have started to rise, and Joey has found himself in the middle of a particularly unpleasant situation.

As often happens, there was one person in the group who was starting to become a thorn in their side. This person, who Joey had named “Mooch” for the purpose of this story, had a habit of never paying for anything. 

She seems to rely on the group to cover all activities, meals, and travel expenses. While Joey’s friends don’t seem to mind, Joey has grown increasingly frustrated with Mooch’s behavior.

Things Came to a Head

Things came to a head a month ago when Joey had to cover the entire cost of a dinner that Mooch had promised to pay for.

Joey decided that enough was enough and chose to stop hanging out with the group when Mooch was around. Unfortunately, this meant that Joey was also distancing himself from most of his other friends.

That is until last week when Joey’s friends planned a short spring break trip to Mexico. Joey declined the invitation because Mooch was going.

He tried to warn his friends that the trip was going to be miserable with Mooch around, but nobody wanted to listen.

The Trip Was a Disaster

True to Joey’s expectations, the trip was a disaster. Mooch didn’t pay for anything, not even her portion of the Airbnb or gas money for the drive.

She also had a sour mood anytime plans didn’t go her way, which seemed to be more often than not. For example, when the group wanted to go to the markets, Mooch wanted to rent a boat.

The majority ruled in favor of the markets, but Mooch made sure everyone was aware she was having a bad time by sporting a giant frown and voicing her disapproval.

On one particular night, everyone went clubbing. Mooch got tired and wanted to go home, but nobody wanted to go with her.

Trying Not to Pay

She was waiting around with her giant frown, clearly wanting someone to leave with her so she didn’t have to pay for the Uber.

She finally ordered an Uber for herself, but after the Uber arrived, two girls decided that they were also tired and opted to join her.

What happened next was the last straw. Mooch had the audacity to Venmo request the two girls for money to cover the Uber ride after not having paid for anything else the entire trip!

To complicate matters, one of the girls she Venmo requested was the one that had paid for the Airbnb that Mooch still hadn’t paid her back for!

“OMG, Joey, You Were Right!”

The girl who paid for the Airbnb immediately started a group chat with a couple of people on the trip, including Joey. “OMG, Joey, you were right!” she exclaimed.

This was the moment that Joey had been waiting for. He got to sit back and watch as everyone vented about everything terrible that had happened on the trip.

It turned out that Joey wasn’t the only one who had had enough of Mooch’s behavior. The other five people in the group chat had also had it with her, and they all agreed that they had had enough of her.

Joey wasn’t sure how the rest of the group felt, but at least he now had five people they could hang out with regularly again!

A Sense of Relief

As Joey reflected on the situation, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of relief. He had been avoiding their friends for a while now, but it seemed like the situation had finally resolved itself.

Joey felt grateful for the five people who had stood by him and agreed that Mooch’s behavior was unacceptable.

Joey realized that sometimes the universe has a way of righting wrongs. He had tried to warn his friends about Mooch, but they didn’t listen.

However, the disastrous trip had opened their eyes, and they finally saw Mooch for who she was.

Grateful to Have His Friends Back

Joey was grateful to have his friends back, and he couldn’t wait to make more memories with them – without the dreaded Mooch in tow!

Redditors enjoyed his story. One particularly funny user commented, “We had a guy like this. His name was John B, but We called him John T. As in T. Rex. Because his hands could not reach his wallet whenever it was time to pay.”

What do you think about his story? Have you ever been in a similar situation?

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