He Had a Heated Argument During Dinner With His Boyfriend’s Family and His Brother Bullied Him. What Should He Do?

After being bullied by his boyfriend’s brother at a family dinner, a man finally lost his patience and is now unsure of what to do.

They Accepted Him

A 20-year-old intersex man had been in a relationship with his 22-year-old boyfriend for almost two years. 

He had never met his boyfriend’s family before, but when the occasion arose, he eagerly accepted the invitation. 

His boyfriend’s family accepted his sexual orientation, which was a relief to him. Unfortunately, there was one member of the family who made his life a living hell in high school – his boyfriend’s older brother. 

The older brother had repeatedly made fun of his appearance and had body-shamed him in front of his classmates. 

Bully Behavior

His boyfriend was well aware of the situation and warned him about the possibility of his brother’s bullying at the dinner. 

Despite this, the man agreed to attend the dinner with the condition that he wouldn’t cause any conflicts or disrespect his boyfriend’s family.

As soon as he arrived, the older brother started harassing him again, making fun of his outfit, making inappropriate gestures, and even making a derogatory comment about his gender identity in front of his boyfriend’s mother. 

This was the last straw for the man, who had kept quiet and remained composed for over an hour and a half.

He Snapped

He finally snapped and confronted the older brother, resulting in a heated argument that ended with the man leaving the dinner party.

Following the incident, his boyfriend ghosted him for three days, before finally sending him a text message. 

While it wasn’t a breakup text, it was a clear indication that the intersex man had “messed up” by confronting his brother, and that he had put his boyfriend’s future at risk. 

The man was left feeling confused and unsure about what to do next.

Get Out of There

One Redditor advised, “Get out of there. A lifetime of that would be brutal. Your partner, and his family, tolerance of that type of conversation is a huge flag.”

Another wrote, “Dump him. He’s both told you and shown you that he will never stand up for you. Why do you want to be with someone like this? Honey, you can do better.”

7thatsanope said, “Your boyfriend expects you to be around his family, knowing that his brother will treat you terribly. That on it’s own is bad enough. But, then he not only refuses to stand up to his brother but also expects you to not defend yourself and just stand there and take the abuse.”

What do you think? Do you need to hold your tongue in front of family or should you be able to defend yourself? Have you ever been in a situation like this?

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