He Had an Insane Story About a Wild Lady With Bolt Cutters While He Was Trying to Assess Crashed Cars for Insurance Claims

Today’s story comes to us from Zack, an insurance adjuster. He’s had his fair share of encounters with difficult people, but this one took the cake. Buckle up and get ready for a wild ride!

He Was Responsible for Assessing Vehicles for Insurance

Zack was an adjuster for “Lizard Insurance” and would go to many tow lots after car accidents and decide if a car was a total loss or send it to a body shop, as well as do the initial write-up of an estimate on repair costs.

On this particular day, he was at a tow lot that also worked with the state police and housed their overflow storage for anything deemed evidence and on hold from release.

The tow lot kept these vehicles behind a locked gate inside the already fenced, gated tow yard.

Zack was there to do an appraisal on two vehicles that were involved in a minor accident. However, both were left unable to drive from the scene due to either multiple flats, lights knocked out, or windows busted.

Checking Towed Cars Methodically

He had finished the first vehicle and was starting to take photos of the second vehicle. 

He had his headphones on and was listening to the album “Cavalcade” by The Flatliners when he saw a woman, who he guessed was around 50, walk up to the police evidence lot.

The gate swung open out of the corner of his eye, but he wasn’t paying much attention as the vehicles he was working with were on the same side of the lot but about 50 meters down from the evidence lot.

As Zack had his back turned to the woman, whom he refers to as Katie, he took the last couple of photos he needed, the last being a photograph of the VIN of the vehicle (located where the windshield meets the hood almost on the dash through the windscreen.)

She Grabbed Him!

Suddenly, Katie grabbed both cables to Zack’s headphones from behind and ripped them out of his ears.

“EXCUSE ME,” she shouted. “Why are there two cars in front of mine so I cannot get it out?”

“Please don’t touch me, and I don’t think you should be in there,” Zack replied. “And I don’t w-“

“You shouldn’t be listening to music on the job anyway or slacking off taking pictures of other people’s belongings,” Katie interrupted. “You’re probably back here stealing.”

“Give Me My Property”

Zack attempted to point at the “Lizard Insurance” logo on his blue jacket, but Katie continued on. “Are you going to do your job, or do I need to call the police because you’re refusing to give me my property?”

“Have you gone into the office at ABC Towing?” Zack asked.

“No, I saw you here, and you need to move these cars so I can get mine and leave,” Katie replied as she opened the door and got into the first car blocking hers.

“Hey! Hey! No! You can’t go in there; that is police evidence,” Zack yelled, using his cell phone to call ABC Towing and inform them.

Property of the State Police

“If you won’t move these cars, then I will. Where are the damn keys?” Katie demanded.

“In the office with the employees,” Zack replied.

At this time, the manager came running out with one of those weird smartphones/Nextel-style phones in his hand.

“Hey lady, get the hell out of there; those cars are property of the state police!” the manager shouted.

She Used Bolt Cutters

He saw that somebody had cut the chain used to keep the lot closed with bolt cutters. Katie was carrying a pair of bolt cutters and had thrown them into her car when she was back at it.

The manager and Katie argued back and forth, and Zack half-paid attention as he finished his duties for work. About 8-10 minutes passed, and SEVEN police cars came flying back into the lot.

The manager greeted the police and explained what was going on, but not after Katie attempted to scream at the police that Zack had stolen her car.

One police officer told Katie to stand over in a direction he pointed, sending one officer to wait with her. It turned out the lieutenant was on the scene, in charge of the County’s Police Tow Licenses.

A Police Officer Was Floored

After getting the manager’s story, the lieutenant came to Zack and took his statement. While he was informing the lieutenant of what had happened, Katie overheard and started yelling and attempting to approach him.

The officer standing with her grabbed her by the arm, but Katie yanked that arm out of the female officer’s hand and shoved her, surprisingly knocking the officer down.

Katie was screaming incoherently as she charged toward Zack.

The lieutenant stepped in front of him and hit Katie with his taser, causing her to go limp and faceplant in the dirt/light gravel of the lot, skidding slightly. The police immediately handcuffed her.

The Police Charged Her With a Host of Offenses

It turned out that Katie had walked onto the lot carrying the bolt cutters while Zack was in the office talking with staff about the two cars he needed to adjust.

She had been roaming the lot until she saw Zack, and he happened to be near her car!

The police charged Katie with two counts of tampering with evidence, burglary, assault on a police officer, trespassing, assault on Zack, and resisting arrest!

Years later, Zack, now the owner of a towing company, had the pleasure of impounding Katie’s vehicle for double parking. She remembered him and paid immediately!

Have you ever had a similar encounter with a difficult or even dangerous customer? How did you handle it?

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