He Had His Homophobic Aunt and Uncle Evicted After They Made His Husband Cry by Trying To Separate Them

A bisexual man sparked outrage on Reddit after his aunt and uncle tried to separate him from his husband…at his parent’s house! Here is the full story that landed a family on the street.

He Met the Love of His Life

OP is a 27-year-old man who spent the first two-thirds of his life thinking he was straight. But when he met his future husband in college, he knew in an instant this was the love of his life.

The two have been inseparable ever since, and they’ve even been accepted by most of OP’s family. That was no sure thing, either, given that he grew up in a very conservative Texas town.

But OP’s dad took a job in Manhattan when OP was 15, and that at least exposed the family to different ideas. When he came out as bisexual in college, his dad and brother were immediately very supportive.

OP’s mom took longer to come around, but she got over her initial hesitations and now loves her son and his husband. She’s on-board with their marriage, too.

Most of His Family Accepted His Love for a Man

It’s still not that way for the whole family, though. Chief among the holdout conservatives are his aunt and uncle, who moved into his parents house in Texas when they moved to New York.

OP’s parents charged the aunt and uncle a small amount of rent, and the couple let OP and his family stay there when they came back for visits.

It worked out well for several years, but things started to get tense while OP was in college. He brought his then-boyfriend along on one visit, and the aunt and uncle didn’t want them to sleep in the same room.

Since they weren’t married at the time, OP went along with it, but it hurt his BF’s feelings. The next time they came to visit, the couple stayed in a hotel.

His Aunt and Uncle Insisted the Husband’s Slept Apart

Fast forward to OP’s first post-COVID visit to Texas, and he’s now living in Vermont and happily married. This time, he traveled back “home” with both his brother and his husband.

And this time, OP’s aunt and uncle insisted that the three men stay with them instead of a hotel.

After the aunt and uncle’s kids went to bed the first night, the five adults were discussing sleeping arrangements. OP’s aunt and uncle said he could sleep in the bedroom with his brother, while his husband slept on the couch.

None of the men liked that idea, but the aunt and uncle said they didn’t want OP and his boyfriend to influence their kids by sleeping together. They didn’t consider the marriage to be “real” because the men were gay.

There Was Anger and Tears

That made OP see red with anger and sent his husband crying, fleeing onto the front porch. 

OP gave his aunt and uncle one chance to make things right. He told them that they needed to apologize to his husband immediately, or he’d ask his dad to throw them out.

But the aunt and uncle doubled down, saying OP needed to follow their rules in their house. He reminded them that it wasn’t really their house at all.

By that time, the kids were awake and crying, but OP couldn’t control his anger. He finally stomped out of the house, and he and his husband left.

He Told His Supportive Dad

Later on, OP made good on his promise and told his dad what had happened. Furious with the aunt and uncle, dad served them with a 60-day eviction notice.

Now, OP is taking a lot of heat from other members of his family, saying that it was his fault his young cousins were going to be homeless. But he feels like there’s no one to blame except his aunt and uncle themselves.

Redditors almost unanimously support OP in his actions.

Poor Homophobic Behavior From the Aunt and Uncle

They think it’s appalling for the aunt and uncle to behave in such a homophobic fashion. And it makes matters even worse that they were treating two grown men like children.

A few commenters do think that OP might have been acting out of revenge and may later regret putting the children in a bad position.

So, what do you think of this story?

Was OP justified for sicking his dad on his aunt and uncle?

Or was it a knee-jerk reaction that might have some lingering effects that OP will regret?

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