He Had the Shock of His Life After Discovering He Was Related to His Fiancé!

In a recent shocking Reddit post, a user’s life took a surprising turn as he stumbled upon a shocking revelation about his upcoming groom-to-be. Here’s the full story.

A Tempting DNA Promotion

As the original poster and his fiancé were planning their dream wedding, he decided to delve into the world of genealogy, keen to learn more about their respective family histories.

While browsing the Ancestry.com website, OP came across a tempting promotion for DNA testing kits.

Intrigued by the opportunity to uncover more about their ancestry, he purchased a kit for his soon-to-be husband.

He didn’t anticipate that this simple act of curiosity would turn their world upside down.

They Were Close Relatives

Upon receiving the DNA results, OP was met with an unsettling sight in the “view DNA matches” section – his picture appeared as a close relative.

The shocking truth was revealed: they were third cousins. The realization left them both in a state of confusion and uncertainty.

OP shared that he expressed the mix of emotions they were experiencing.

He said their love for each other was unwavering, and the fact that they were both gay and had no intentions of having children together provided some reassurance.

… And Jewish

OP shared that being third cousins felt uncomfortably close, even though their relationship had no biological risk.

OP also shared that they were Jewish and aware that their gene pools were already relatively shallow due to shared ancestry within their community.

As a result, OP took to Reddit to ask for thoughts.

“It Means You Share One Set of Great-Great-Grandparents!”

One Reddit user wrote, “It’s nothing. Third cousins are pretty distant: it means you share one set of great-great-grandparents! Even marriage between first cousins is legal in over half of US states.”

Another user wrote, “Eh I feel like it’s fine. Not trying to invalidate the surprise of it or anything but I don’t see why it should stop you. Maybe this is an unpopular opinion.”

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