He Humiliated His Assistant by Reading Her Imaginative Love Stories at a Staff Party… And He Was the Leading Romeo!

A young restaurant manager got more than he asked for recently when he turned to Reddit for opinions after he read a young coworker’s fan fiction to the whole crew. The community turned on him and helped him realize he had some growing up of his own to do. Here is the full story.

He Had a Great Relationship With His Assistant

OP is a 27-year-old man who is the general manager at a fast-food restaurant. His assistant manager is a 23-year-old woman, and they have developed a good working relationship over the course of several years.

OP and his assistant manager also enjoy teasing each other, and their pranks are generally light-hearted and well received.

The rapport between OP and his assistant manager developed naturally over time. They ended up working long hours together as they both climbed the ranks while many coworkers came and went.

The assistant manager also likes to write fan fiction on her phone during slow periods at work. Sometimes, she reads various lines of her work to OP, and he of course teases her about them.

She Wrote Fan Fiction in Her Spare Time

Recently, OP remembered a line from his coworker’s fan fiction and decided to search for it online using quotation marks. What he found shocked him.

The fan fiction depicted characters that appeared to be based on OP and his assistant manager, right down to conversations the two had shared. The characters even worked at a fast food restaurant together. 

The really shocking part for OP, though, was that the fan fiction had the two characters carrying on a love affair, with the manager cheating on his wife. OP is married but swears he would never cheat.

Not long after OP’s discovery, the team threw a party to celebrate some recent work achievements. As usual, OP’s assistant manager was playful with him, even smashing a cupcake in his face.

He Read Her ‘Romantic’ Stories at a Staff Party

OP thought that was pretty funny and was fine with it, but he also decided to have a little fun of his own. So he pulled up the fan fiction he had discovered on his phone and began reading it to the group.

The other members of the crew thought it was all pretty funny and teased the assistant manager about her writing. But OP was surprised to see the girl tear up, and then she ran out of the party.

In the days that followed, the assistant manager stopped showing up to work, and she wouldn’t answer OP’s texts or calls.

OP suddenly felt guilty and wondered if he had finally pushed their jokes too far. He didn’t think his teasing was a big deal, but his coworker apparently did.

Did He Go Too Far Divulging Her Crush on Him?

But OP also thought it was inappropriate for his coworker to be writing those sorts of stories about the two of them.

When OP first posted his story, many Redditors told him that he went way too far by outing her stories.

They said he should just leave the girl alone, which he did.

But then, in an update, OP relates that his assistant manager came back to work shortly after the original posting.

OP was expecting her to resign or ask for a transfer, but she insisted she wanted to stay and continue working with him. OP was really impressed with her maturity, which made him feel all the more childish.

She Was After All Very Intimate!

Overall, Reddit commenters still think OP was way out of line for humiliating his coworker.

They say that the girl’s fan fiction was very intimate and she probably considered it to be private.

Many Redditors think it was cruel for OP to treat this girl with an innocent crush on him in such a harsh fashion.

So, what do you think of this story? Was OP completely out of line for outing his coworker’s fan fiction?

And was this just a prank gone too far? Or do you think OP was trying to be mean?

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