He Leaves Home After His Parents Demand Rent, Leaving Them To Face the Consequences of Their Own Greed

A young man recently took to Reddit to ask for opinions after he moved out of his parents’ house when they asked for rent. He’s living the high life now but has some doubts. Here is his full story.

He Was on the Road to Success

OP is a 23-year-old college student who goes to school full time. He also has a part-time job in his professional field and makes a decent income.

All through school, OP has lived at home with his parents and four siblings, who now range in age from 10-20.

OP’s father works very long hours, and his mom works a demanding 9 to 5 job, too. To help out, OP took on many of the household chores, including meal preparation, laundry, grocery shopping, and other duties.

The rest of the household chores were split pretty evenly among OP’s siblings, and he helped make sure they all got done.

He Studied, Worked and Did More Than His Fair Share of Chores

Overall, it was a good arrangement for everyone, but as OP nears the end of his schooling and prepares to enter the workforce, he has started buying a few nice things for himself.

One example is a PS5 that he kept in his room and wouldn’t share with the rest of the family, who still play on a PS4.

That purchase prompted OP’s oldest brother to complain to his parents, who in turn came to OP. They said that since he was making good money but unwilling to share, they thought he should pay rent.

OP reminded his parents that he did a lot of the work around the house, but they said he was earning too much to not contribute financially. They set their price.

But His Parent’s Wanted Rent!

So OP went to his room and worked through the math of the situation.

He figured out that if he upped his work hours and cut down on his class load a bit, he could get a place of his own without delaying graduation by very much.

And that’s exactly what he did. OP packed up his stuff and moved to an Airbnb for a couple of weeks while he figured out his living arrangements. Then he moved into his first single-guy apartment.

Since then, OP has been enjoying life and buying a few things here and there that are small luxuries for him. He’s also been able to have girls over to his apartment, something he was never allowed to do when living at home.

So He Moved Out

Recently, though, OP’s parents called him to complain that he left them in a lurch. They gave all of his duties to his oldest brother, and then split that brother’s former chores among the other three kids.

The oldest brother is now getting a firsthand look at how OP was treated, and he’s not too happy about it. For his part, OP was fine with the chore load, but he thought the rent demand went overboard.

But stuff was falling through the cracks now that OP wasn’t there to keep everything together. His parents were upset that he moved out so abruptly without giving them time to prepare.

And Is Looking Forward To Building His Own Life

OP feels bad that he caused stress for his family, but he’s super happy with his living arrangements and looking forward to building his own life.

Redditors are overwhelmingly supportive of OP and his decision to move out rather than pay rent to his parents.

They think it’s great that he’s enjoying his newfound freedom. Most of them say OP was already doing enough at home without having to pay rent, too.

So, what do you think of this story?

Did OP make the right call by moving out early? Or should he have stuck it out through graduation?

And do you think the parents were out of line for asking him to pay rent?

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