He Lost an Eye but Gained a Perspective of Acceptance He Shares With the World

One brave man has captured the hearts of social media with his inspiring story and unique appearance. Amit has gone through surgery that resulted in the removal of his eye; he now wears a very realistic fake eye, which he showcases in a series of TikToks.

His Eye Was Removed

Amit Ghose, a 33-year-old man from England, has become a TikTok star, capturing the hearts of the world with his heartwarming story.

Amit was diagnosed with a rare condition at just two years old, causing tumors to grow along his nerves.

Growing on the left side of his face and on his eye, the tumors resulted in the removal of his eye at the age of 11, leading him to wear a prosthetic eye.

Overcoming Sadness

Amit shares his experience on TikTok (@amitghose), where his video has reached 4.5 million views.

In the viral clip, Amit demonstrates how he puts on and takes off his prosthetic eye, revealing a perfect match to his skin tone and an incredibly realistic appearance.

Amit is comfortable with how he looks, and over time, he has overcome feelings of sadness.

Inspiring Others

Amit shares his story on NeetToKnow.com to support and inspire others facing challenges and visible differences.

Amit says how he faces challenges with despicable bullies, with some even saying, “Did you get run over by a train?”

Amit uses social media to raise awareness about his condition and has created a series of videos on TikTok.

Taking Out His Eye

In the video, Amit not only shows the process of attaching and removing his prosthetic eye but also reveals the interesting magnets used to secure it.

Amit admits to feeling depressed about his eye in the past, “In the past, I have been very sad about my condition,” He explained to NeedToKnow.com.

The TikTok community rallies around Amit, showing their support for his situation.

Asking Questions

“You look great today, Amit! One can never go wrong with a Ralph Lauren shirt. They always look fantastic!” One user compliments him.

Some users couldn’t help but respectfully ask questions such as, “Hi, just a question: can you swim with it on, or does it have to be removed ?”

To which Amit replied, “I can swim with it on.”

You can show your support to Amit himself by leaving a comment on this post.

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