He Refused to Serve Entitled Tourists That Cut in Line, Much to the Delight of Onlookers

Retail work is tough, but it can become even harder when you encounter entitled customers that think they’re the priority. That’s precisely what happened to our protagonist here – luckily, his manager was a no-nonsense type of guy and shut them down completely! Here’s the whole story.

An Ordinary Evening in a Retail Store

It was just another ordinary evening at the small retail store where our original poster (OP) worked. Situated in a city that attracted tourists, the store had seen its fair share of entitled tourists causing trouble.

But one incident that took place a few weeks ago was particularly memorable.

With closing time fast approaching, the OP’s co-worker, A, made the customary announcement on the intercom that the store would be closing in ten minutes.

As expected, the line at the register began to grow longer, with around 30-45 people waiting to check out. That’s when the entitled tourists entered the scene.

He Helped Speed up the Queue

The OP, who was manning the second register to help speed up the line, suddenly heard a commotion coming from the back half of the line.

To his surprise, the entitled tourists had jumped the line and were now at the front, cutting off the customer who was about to place her items on the register.

The OP had to intervene.

“You are aware you cut everyone that was in line, right?” the OP asked the parents.

Rude Entitled Dad

“Yeah, because we’re in a big rush. I didn’t think you would close this early,” replied the entitled dad.

Despite the shouting from the other customers in line, the entitled parents refused to budge. They were not going to the back of the line, so the OP had no choice but to call for the manager.

D, the manager, was quick to arrive on the scene. He had a reputation for siding with employees, no matter how rude or entitled the customer was. And he had a trick up his sleeve – footage from the store’s security camera.

The entitled mom tried to spin the situation in their favor, “this man scolded my husband because he accused us of cutting in line.”

She Was Slammed by Another Shopper

But she was quickly shut down by a random shopper who shouted out, “That’s because you did cut the line, dumbo!”

D wasted no time in pulling out his iPad and showing the entitled tourists the footage of them cutting in line, “Is this you guys?” he asked.

The look on their faces was priceless as D gave them an ultimatum – either go to the back of the line or leave the store and never return.

He emphasized that being tourists didn’t give them special treatment, and they had to follow the same rules as everyone else.

They Thought They Were Important Than Everyone Else

The entitled parents tried to plead their case, using the excuse of being in a rush, but D saw through their nonsense and called them out for showing up so close to closing time and causing inconvenience to other customers. 

In the end, the entitled tourists left their items on the register and walked out in defeat, with the OP and A having to stay an extra twenty minutes to clear the backlog caused by the ordeal.

The OP received appreciation from other customers who thanked them for not giving in to the entitled parents’ demands. Some even gave high-fives and fist bumps to show their support! 

He felt a sense of victory, knowing that they had stood up for what was right and not let entitled behavior go unchecked.

Cutting Line Is Out of Order

The moral of the story was clear-cutting in line was unacceptable, no matter who you were or where you came from.

The entitled family thought they were above the rules, but they learned the hard way that everyone has to follow them, no matter who they are. 

The OP learned that standing up for oneself and not caving into rude and entitled behavior was important, and it was a lesson that would stick with him for a long time.

The tale of OP’s revenge on the entitled tourists who cut in line was a satisfying one. With the support of their manager, they put the entitled tourists in their place and made sure that justice got served. 

Talk About Entitlement!

It’s a reminder to always stand up for what is right and not let entitled behavior go unchecked, no matter how tough the situation might be.

As for the entitled tourists, they left the store with defeat written all over their faces. A lesson learned the hard way – don’t cut in line, folks!

Redditors loved this guy’s tale. One user said, “Great post OP. What’s really irritating about these people is that they just assumed what they had to do next mattered more than what every other person in the line had to do. Talk about entitlement!”

What do you think of his story? Would you ever try to cut a line?

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