He Shot His Wife Down in Flames After She Celebrated His Success at His Workplace – She Was Only Trying To Be Thoughtful!

A stressed-out husband drew fire from Redditors after he told his wife she embarrassed him by bringing him lunch at his new job. He’s catching it from all sides in a story that is full of life lessons.

His Wife Wanted To Celebrate His Success

OP is a 33-year-old man who recently took a new job with a large company in the Southern United States. He and his wife made the move and were excited for a new start.

Before his first day of work, OP’s wife told him she was working on a big surprise for him. That only made him more excited to get started on his new adventure.

Then, a few days into the new job, OP’s wife showed up at his workplace with a special lunch that she had prepared for him. This was the big surprise she had promised him.

Even in the moment, OP was a little annoyed that his wife showed up with food at his office. But it wasn’t until she left that all hell really broke loose.

His Bullying Coworkers Laughed at Her Efforts

That’s when OP’s coworkers started in on him, with one in particular saying how nice it was that his “mommy” was looking after him in his new job. All the others just laughed.

Then, the next day, the same guy started up again. He asked if mommy was going to bring lunch again, and someone else remarked they could still smell the food that OP’s mom had brought in the day before.

OP was humiliated and had trouble focusing on work the rest of the day with everyone laughing at him.

When he got home that night, OP laid into his wife and told her he couldn’t believe she would embarrass him like that. He said she had ruined any chance he had of gaining the respect of his new coworkers.

She Was Very Hurt by His Attack

OP’s wife was very hurt by his attack and said that she had just been trying to do something nice for him. She was proud of him and wanted to celebrate.

But OP said she could have waited until he got home and fed him his favorite meal in privacy, or they could have gone out for dinner to celebrate.

OP’s wife countered that she had come to the office during lunchtime, not when he was in the middle of working. She didn’t think it should have been a big deal.

OP’s wife told him he should have stood up for her to his coworkers rather than letting them bully him. But he said he didn’t want to cause a rift with his new colleagues right off the bat.

He Feels Bad He Shot Her Down in Flames

The argument ended after OP’s wife told him to man up and either report his coworkers to HR or quit. He felt like she just didn’t understand his position, so he walked out of the room.

Now, OP feels bad about the fight because he really does appreciate the trouble his wife went to. But he also wants to get along at work, so he feels stuck.

Reddit commenters came down pretty hard on OP, mostly echoing his wife’s sentiments. 

Most of them think he should have stood up for her as soon as his coworkers started teasing him. Many agree that he should report them for making him feel uncomfortable in his workplace.

He Was Out of Line for Turning His Frustration on His Wife

They think he was way out of line for turning his frustration on his loving wife.

Some Redditors point out that the bullies are probably jealous that their wives don’t make over them like OP’s wife does. They suggest he can use that as ammunition against him.

So, what do you think of this story?

Was OP completely wrong for getting angry at his wife for bringing him food at the office?

Should she have asked him first if it was OK?

And how do you think OP should handle the bullies at work now that he’s let them get under his skin?

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