He Soon Learned That Being a Smug Hotel Scammer Didn’t Pay Off. He Was Left With an $800 Bill and No Weekend Away!

OP manages a bustling beachfront hotel which hits peak occupancy during summer, with room prices soaring to a hefty $300 per night.

No-Show Mystery Guest Gets a Sting on His Credit Card

A mysterious guest booked two rooms for a long weekend, only to disappear without a trace or any intimation when the weekend came.

OP’s hotel, like many others, adheres to a no-show policy. If you fail to turn up, you’re charged for one night per room. Consequently, the absent guest was hit with a solid $500 fee.

Regardless of whether he was ignorant of or indifferent to this policy, the rude awakening was waiting in his credit card bill. Suffice it to say, he didn’t take it lightly.

Upon seeing the charges, the irate guest contacted OP. She calmly explained the hotel’s policy and denied any possibility of a refund. His reaction? A storm of threats and slurs.

He Disputed the No-Show Charges

Defiant, the man declared he would dispute the charge with his bank. OP warned him about potential fallout, but he disregarded it.

When his bank temporarily refunded the disputed amount, he hastily called OP, boasting about his ephemeral victory. However, he missed one crucial fact.

The guest erroneously thought the bank’s refund was permanent. In reality, it was a provisional measure, assuming his dispute held merit. It did not.

Armed with compelling proof of the guest’s intentional booking and policy awareness, OP’s hotel won the dispute. Consequently, the bank charged him for the temporary refund.

It’s Always Best To Take Personal Accountability!

In his subsequent call, he was in utter disbelief and denial. He insisted that OP’s hotel should bear his bank fee as the dispute originated there. OP had no option but to refuse and conclude the conversation.

His final ploy? Asserting that his credit card company threatened to send his bill to collections. He now demanded $800 to cover the accrued interest charges.

Exasperated, OP reminded him of his personal accountability for his financial actions, and requested him to refrain from further calls. Despite sound advice, it seems that some people prefer to learn their lessons the hard way.

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