He Stopped Working to Teach His Demanding Wife a Lesson and She Hit the Roof

A man recently asked Redditors for their opinions after he cut back at work to satisfy his wife’s demands that he do more chores at home. Here is his full story.

His Wife Is a Stay at Home Mom

OP is a 38-year-old man whose wife is a stay-at-home mother. For most of their marriage, they have gotten along very well.

Recently, though, OP’s wife has struck up a friendship with a woman he believes is a negative influence. The woman acts childishly all the time, and she has a strong dislike of men in general. It’s all starting to rub off on OP’s wife.

Under the influence of this new friend, OP says his wife started to pressure him to do more around the house, leading to disagreements and frustration in their relationship.

He’s happy to do his share, but he thinks he already has been doing that.

She Wanted Him to Do More

The agreement that OP and his wife worked out is that he does most of the cooking, takes out the garbage, cleans the bathrooms and other parts of the house.

Meanwhile, she makes lunches for herself and their sons since she stays at home, and she takes care of the kids.

But now, OP’s wife says he should be doing more, even though her demands have been vague. His general take is that she wants him to do pretty much everything at home.

OP has pressed his wife several times for more details about what she wants, but he’s had trouble getting specifics. Even so, she has mentioned the possibility of divorce during several of their arguments.

She Criticized Him in Front of Their Friends

It all boiled over during a social gathering when OP’s wife criticized him in front of their friends, and even strangers. She accused him of not pulling his weight and of treating her like a servant.

That’s when OP decided to prove a point, even though he knew there would be serious consequences.

First, OP went to his boss at work and asked to cut back on his hours because he was going through a stressful time. The boss agreed.

Then, OP decided to take over all household responsibilities for a month, but he didn’t tell his wife what he was doing. He just did it.

She Bragged She Had Finally Worn Him Down

OP’s wife did notice, though, and she was soon bragging to her friends that she had finally worn her husband down. She was thrilled that she didn’t have to do anything at all to pitch in at home or with their boys.

After a month, though, OP’s wife started to complain that they weren’t going on dates, and that their finances were tight. She missed having her nails done.

OP explained that he had to cut back on his hours at work in order to take over all the household duties. He suggested that they could have a stay-at-home movie night, though, and that he’d be happy to paint her nails.

She wasn’t too happy with those ideas, so OP then suggested she could get a part-time job to fund some personal luxuries.

Be a Man!

Instead, his wife told OP to “be a man” and pick up some extra shifts at work while he continued to do all the chores at home.

That made OP angry, so he told his wife that they could go back to splitting the chores like they used to. Then he’d have time and energy to work more shifts.

That’s when it dawned on OP’s wife that he had been trying to teach a lesson. She blew up at him and said he was manipulative and abusing her financially.

Most Redditors think OP was justified in using drastic tactics to try and make his point. They don’t understand how his wife can expect him to do everything at home and at work.

Was He Tricking His Wife?

Some think that the couple should start therapy right away if they want to stay married.

Others say that OP should try to get out of the marriage because his wife is not treating him very well. They don’t think the threats she makes are very healthy.

So, what do you think of this story? Was OP justified in “tricking” his wife?

Or should he have found some other way to get his point across?

Or, maybe you think his wife is fully justified in her demands?

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