He Stuck up for His Grandpa Against His Wicked Grandmother With the Best Revenge!

A man took to Reddit to tell his tale of petty revenge against his wicked grandmother, who was talking trash about his beloved Grandpa!

He’s Not a Fighter

This guy is not the type of person to pick a fight. He’s always been more of a peacemaker, a mediator, and a problem-solver.

But when someone crosses a line, he’s not one to back down, either! And when his grandmother started to disparage his grandfather, he knew he had to do something about it.

He’s a young man who moved away from his rural hometown with his mother to a bustling metropolitan area 1600 miles away.

The reason for the move? To escape the trauma inflicted by his emotionally and mentally abusive grandmother, who was his secondary caregiver during his childhood.

He Suffered Trauma at Her Wicked Hands

The original poster (OP) and his sister had suffered a lot of trauma at her hands, but he naively moved back in with her after high school to avoid conflict with his mother when he couldn’t enlist in the military as planned.

Now, the OP was in nursing school and living near his mother again.

He tried to keep his distance from his grandmother, but he still talked to her a few times a year. This is purely for the sake of his uncle, who still lives with her, and whom he’s close with.

If they angered her too much, his uncle would bear the brunt of her abuse. So they kept it to a minimum: her birthday, Christmas, the OP’s birthday, and sometimes his son’s birthday.

He Kept His Distance

If they sent a gift to his uncle, they sent one to her as well. It was all or nothing.

His grandfather, however, was an entirely different story. He lived near his grandmother, but he was divorced from her and remarried. He had been a hard worker, driven, and active, even after his divorce.

He provided for his family and was a rock for the OP growing up. But then he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2015, and his mobility became unpredictable. He’s also a cancer survivor.

He had to fully retire from the steel mill he had worked in for over 30 years because his unpredictable mobility posed a big safety risk, and he had to give up most of his hobbies.

He Loves His Grandfather

Despite his limitations, the OP still regarded his grandfather as one of the best people in his family.

Now, this is when the conflict began. It was the Christmas season, and the OP was talking to his grandmother and uncle over the phone.

They were unconcerned about gifts, said not to worry about it, and that they understood his finances were tight.

But then the conversation changed course to his grandmother’s favorite topic: disparaging his grandfather!

He’s Lazy, That’s Why He’s Housebound

She said that he was housebound now, not because of his Parkinson’s, but because he was lazy and he’d retired too early!

She said that it was his own fault that he couldn’t get around well now because he’d been “sitting on his ass”!

This lit a fire under the OP, who knew that wasn’t true.

He knew that his grandfather had to retire because of his Parkinson’s, and he couldn’t stand to hear his grandmother slander his character and work ethic.

Seething With Fury

The OP, who was working on being more confrontational and advocating for others, responded that he believed his grandfather had to retire because of his Parkinson’s disease and quickly ended the call.

He got off the phone, seething with anger.

He had already bought his grandmother a robe for Christmas, but now he didn’t want to send it to her. He decided to save the money he would have spent on his uncle’s gift as well.

But that wasn’t enough. He wanted to do something that would show his grandmother that he wouldn’t tolerate her behavior.

He Honored His Grandfather in Her Name

So he went to a Parkinson’s Foundation website that would mail a card after a donation. He made a donation to the foundation, in his grandmother’s name, in honor of his grandfather, for the value of the robe!

And to top it off, he set the card to be sent to her house. It was a small gesture, a $25 donation, but it was enough to establish his boundary. He wouldn’t tolerate anyone talking about his grandfather like that.

The OP’s petty revenge may seem small, but it’s significant.

The donation may not have an impact on the foundation, but it’s a powerful symbol of the OP’s love and respect for his grandfather. It’s also a reminder to his grandmother that her words have consequences.

Petty Revenge on His Grandmother

Reddit users loved how this guy got his petty revenge on his grandmother.

One user said, “You hit a trifecta here. You enacted a great petty revenge, defended someone you love and respect, and accomplished a good deed at the same time.”

What do you think about this guy’s tale of petty revenge? He certainly sent a message to his grandmother that her behavior wouldn’t be tolerated, but did he go too far?

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