He Suffered an Assault, Worked Crazy Hours, but Pulled in the Work and Still Got Fired!

OP was happily employed by a staffing agency, successfully handling the organization and management of various events. He had stepped in to fill the void left by three previous employees who had opted to explore other opportunities. Little did OP know that the seemingly smooth operation was layered with confusion and an overbearing workload.

An Assault Landed Him in Hospital

OP’s life took an unexpected turn when he was assaulted, landing him in the hospital. Although severely injured, he chose to carry on with his duties, fearing job loss.

His remote job became a lifesaver as he pushed through a painful weekend managing an event, without the aid of strong pain medication due to potential complications.

Post this episode, OP found his workload growing exponentially. Another colleague was shown the door, and her tasks were added to OP’s already brimming plate.

Additionally, OP was chosen to manage an intense, long-term event spanning two different time zones, initially planned to be handled by OP and a soon-to-be-on-maternity-leave colleague.

His Physical and Mental Health Suffered

This high-pressure event coincided with OP’s ongoing personal struggles – healing from the assault, planning a move, and searching for a new place to live, all while managing other events.

OP was waking up as early as 4 am and wrapping up work only by late evening, occasionally clocking in over 10 hours a day. His health, both physical and mental suffered, affecting his performance.

With overtime becoming a frequent occurrence, OP found himself under the bosses’ scrutiny.

They blamed poor time management, overlooking the voluminous workload. OP’s minor slip-ups started to be highlighted, while another employee shared a similar fate.

His Boss Recognized His Excessive Overtime

One of the bosses finally acknowledged OP’s overtime and decided to reduce his working hours on non-event days to five.

This came as a pleasant surprise to OP, who looked forward to more personal time for healing and rejuvenation. However, this decision was not communicated to the other boss.

A three-hour-long meeting ate into OP’s first five-hour workday. The boss unaware of OP’s revised schedule bombarded him with tasks post-meeting, pushing OP’s workday beyond the agreed five hours.

Upon learning about the new arrangement, she insisted on completing the high-priority tasks.

Lack of Communication Got Him Fired

OP stood his ground, signed off after his five hours, and effectively silenced his phone, leaving the boss to handle the tasks she had assigned him.

Eventually, this miscommunication served as the “final straw,” and OP was fired.

However, it came as a relief to him, offering a much-needed break from the tumultuous work life. He was even granted unemployment benefits despite his employers’ resistance.

In summary, a serious lapse in communication between the bosses led to OP happily sticking to his reduced working hours, throwing their operations into disarray.

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