He Threw a Tantrum When His Parents Refused To Give Him His College Funds To Start a Business. Who’s in the Right?

A rich dad sparked outrage on Reddit when he revealed that his teenage son wanted to use his hefty college fund to start a business. When dad said no, all hell broke loose. Here is the full story.

His Parents Had Saved to Fund His Education

OP is a 48-year-old man with a son who recently graduated from high school. They’re not stressed about paying for school, though. As soon as OP and his wife found out she was pregnant, they started a college fund.

As a result of paying into the fund all those years, OP’s son had $400K waiting for him to pay for his college. The problem was, he decided he was done with school.

OP was fine with that and told his son it was his life to live. But he did offer his son some options, including trade school or coming to work in the family business.

The young man didn’t want any part of those options, though. Instead, he wanted to use the money OP had set aside to start his own business.

They Said Yes, but With Some Rules

OP told his son that he was OK with that plan, but with a couple of conditions.

First, OP wanted his son to take some business and law courses at the local community college so he would have a better understanding of how to run his new company.

And second, OP wanted his son to develop a business plan for mom and dad to review before the kid got rolling with his new company.

If his son completed those tasks, OP would let him use the $400K to start his business. OP would even pay for the college classes on his own dime, not touching the nest egg at all.

But He Had Other Ideas

OP and his wife thought it was a fair deal and would get their son where he wanted to go, but the young man had other ideas.

In particular, OP’s son said that his parents were holding his money hostage just to make him do what they wanted him to do. But the parents are just trying to help his son set up a business that has the best chance for success.

OP knows the sorts of pitfalls that his son might run into on his own. He himself went to work for his father-in-law while he was still in high school and didn’t even get his GED until later on.

Without the father-in-law’s support and guidance, OP knows he would have struggled. And he appreciates that he owes his nice lifestyle to the business his FIL handed over to him.

Had They Turned Him Into a Spoilt Brat?

OP is just trying to give his son the same sort of advantages and readily admits that the boy is spoiled. OP says he and his wife have always given their son a good life and pretty much let him do what he wants.

That’s part of why it feels like such a kick in the teeth now when his son tells OP and his wife that they’re being controlling.

Redditors overwhelmingly support OP’s plan for helping his son get his business off on the right foot.

And He’s Throwing a Tantrum?

The only commenters who suggest otherwise are the ones who tell OP that he and his wife have spoiled their kid for too long. They think it’s time for the young man to get a dose of reality.

Others just think the boy is being unreasonable and throwing a fit, and they think OP should stick to his guns.

So, what do you think of this story?

Is OP being unreasonable by insisting that his son check a few boxes before he gets access to the college fund his parents built for him?

Or is the kid just acting like a spoiled brat?

And do you think OP should still let his son have the money at all if he doesn’t want to go to college?

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