He Threw Away the Stinky Old Man Sweater Which Set off a Chain of Unnecessary Events

A fed-up and disgusted office worker got Reddit buzzing after he threw away a coworker’s sweater. As it turns out, the situation was a lot more serious than it sounds on the surface. Here is the full story.

A Stinky Old Man Sweater

OP works in a small office with six other employees. There is no HR, and the boss is pretty hands-off when it comes to dealing with interpersonal relationships.

One of OP’s coworkers is a 55-year-old man who keeps a sweater at his desk. This guy has worn that sweater every day for years, without ever taking it home to wash.

Over the course of a month or so, OP noticed that his coworker’s sweater had started to smell. He tried to bring it up subtly in conversation, but the other employee pretended not to notice.

Finally, the stench got so bad that OP couldn’t take it any longer. So he flat out told his coworker that his sweater was stinking up the place and asked him to take it home and wash it.

The Sweater Owner Refused Dialogue

But the coworker wasn’t biting and told OP it wasn’t his sweater that stunk. Then he walked away, not willing to talk about the sweater any more.

So OP figured he had to take matters into his own hands.

One night, OP stayed late after the sweater’s owner went home for the day. OP went to the man’s desk and took a whiff of the sweater to make sure it was the source of the stench. It was.

Then OP grabbed the sweater and tossed it into the dumpster outside on his way to his car.

But Demanded To Know Who Had Stolen It

The next day, the coworker noticed right away that his sweater was missing. He asked everyone if they knew where it was, and OP said he hadn’t seen it that day.

OP started to feel bad about the whole thing and planned to pull the coworker aside after their Monday morning team meeting the next week.

But the coworker brought up the sweater right away at that team meeting and demanded to know who had stolen it.

OP kept quiet, and so did everyone else. That made the man furious and he said he was going to take “further measures” to get to the bottom of the situation.

He Brought His Cop Cousin To Interrogate the Office

OP thought about fessing up right there, but he was uncomfortable with how angry his coworker looked, so he didn’t speak up.

Later on, the coworker showed up with a man who he said was his cousin, and a cop. The two of them planned to spend the rest of the day interrogating everyone one-by-one.

OP’s boss stepped in and told the sweater guy that he wouldn’t let the two men question the other workers.

After that, the boss pulled OP’s coworker into his office, and their conversation got pretty heated. OP didn’t see his coworker the rest of the afternoon.

And He Got Fired for Causing Trouble

The next day, OP found out that his boss had fired the coworker.

That was a pretty surprising outcome, and it wasn’t what OP wanted to happen. But he thinks he didn’t have any choice except for throwing away the sweater since his coworker refused to take it home and wash it.

Reddit commenters came down pretty hard on OP for his actions in this case.

There Were Other Less Dramatic Resolutions!

Many of them point out that he actually had many other options for how to handle the situation.

He could have gone to his boss, tried to spray fabric freshener on the sweater, take the sweater home and wash it himself, among many other possibilities.

Several Redditors also let OP know that what he did was technically a crime.

So, what do you think of this story?

Do you think OP was justified for throwing away his coworker’s sweater?

Or was he way out of line for trashing someone else’s property?

And what would have been a better way for OP to handle the situation?

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