He Told Her She Should Concentrate on ‘Her Duties’ as a  Homemaker, so She Took Away His Games

A fed-up wife caused an uproar on Reddit when she revealed that she gave her husband a list of chores a mile long and locked up his favorite toy after an argument. She doesn’t know if the couple can survive the huge gulf that’s developed between them over the years. Here is her full story.

She’s Always Working

OP runs her own start-up company, while her husband works in a movie theater. During the pandemic, he was out of work completely since no one was going to the movies.

Since the world has started to come alive again, OP’s husband went back to his old job. It doesn’t require any special skills and gives him very regular work hours.

On his off-time, OP spends hours playing video games and just hanging out.

Meanwhile, OP runs her business from home, but she’s always working. She’s at it seven days a week, with long hours being the norm.

While He’s Gaming

OP’s hard work and dedication has paid off, though, as she now makes five times as much as her husband does. 

But even though she is bringing home most of the income, OP has not slacked off when it comes to doing her share of work around the house. In fact, in her opinion, she does far more than her share.

Looking back, OP admits that some resentment had been building in recent years as she worked more and more and her husband coasted. But it all came to head one weekend when he mouthed off to her.

OP had been working all morning while her husband had been playing games, as usual. Around noon, he came to her and asked when lunch would be ready.

He Had the Audacity To Say She Should Concentrate on ‘Her Duties’ as a  Homemaker

OP was deep into her work and frazzled, so she suggested her husband should make lunch for a change. He replied that things were a lot simpler in his grandfather’s day, when the “homemaker” could concentrate on “her duties.”

That triggered OP like never before and she blew up at her husband. She told him that just because he worked outside of the home, that did not mean that she was the homemaker or that he was the breadwinner.

In fact, OP pointed out, she made far more than he did. She ended the argument by telling her husband that their finances wouldn’t even be impacted if he lost his job.

The next week, OP gave her husband a huge list of chores to do, including many of the ones she usually just took care of. He did them for a couple of days, spending hours at a time and complaining all the way.

She Locked Up His Gaming System!

On Tuesday night, her husband told OP that he wouldn’t do the chores any more because he had to work, too. She told him to just quit his job so he could be the homemaker.

OP admits that she shouted at her husband until he agreed to keep doing the chores. And then, as a final blow, she locked up his game system in their safe and changed the combination.

In the aftermath of the big fight, OP felt pretty guilty for belittling her husband, but she also thinks a change is absolutely necessary. She’s not sure what the future holds for their marriage.

Most Redditors think that OP was justified for putting her foot down with her husband. They think he’s a chauvinist and needs to update his thinking.

He Hasn’t Shown Her the Respect She Deserves

Others think that there’s enough blame to go around for both parties in the marriage. They agree that OP’s husband hasn’t shown her the respect she deserves, but they think she went overboard with her reaction.

Several commenters encouraged OP to go to counseling with her husband. She replied in a follow-up that she intends to do just that.

What Do You Think?

So, what do you think of this story?

Was OP justified for handing out what amounted to punishments to her husband?

Or should she have found another way to address the way he was treating her?

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