He Turns to His Daughter’s Teacher for Hair Assistance and His Ex-Wife Fumes!

A frustrated dad stirred up controversy on Reddit when he revealed that he asked his daughter’s preschool teacher to do her hair in the mornings. It’s a tangled tale you have to read to believe!

He Struggles to Style His Daughter’s Hair

OP is a single father who recently divorced and now shares custody of his 3-year-old daughter with his ex-wife.

While OP loves his daughter and cherishes their time together, he has difficulty caring for her properly. One of the big areas of concern is her hair.

OP has straight hair, but his daughter has very curly hair. Before his divorce, OP never even tried to comb or style hair like his daughter’s

It wasn’t for lack of trying, according to OP, who says his wife wouldn’t teach him how to do the girl’s hair while they were still married. And she refuses to help him learn now that they’re divorced.

… And It Gets Tangled and Frizzy!

So OP has been doing the best he can. Usually, that’s not good enough, and his daughter ends up with frizzy and tangled hair that causes her grief all day.

One day, when he dropped his daughter off at daycare, OP noticed that her teacher had similar hair. Taking a chance, he asked the woman if she would mind fixing the girl’s hair before school in the morning.

The teacher said she’d be happy to help as long as OP could get his daughter to school about half an hour earlier than he usually did. She also gave him a list of hair care products he needed to buy for his daughter.

And so, OP went shopping, then changed his morning routine to ensure he showed up at school with plenty of time for the teacher to fix his daughter’s hair.

His Daughter’s Teacher Helped Out

It was all working out great, and OP’s daughter finally didn’t have to fight with her hair through the day. The teacher even gave OP some tips so he could start practicing on the girl’s hair when they were at home together.

But then, not too long after OP made the deal with the teacher, he got an angry call from his ex. It seemed the little girl had told her mother about the teacher’s help, and she wasn’t pleased about it.

OP’s ex-wife said he was a bad parent for asking the teacher to do his job. And she was also upset because he had changed their daughter’s morning routine without first talking it through with her.

That made it hard for OP’s ex to get her daughter ready every morning, she said because she was getting used to going to school to get her hair done.

He’s Doing His Best…

OP pointed out that he still does his daughter’s hair on the weekends, and he’s doing his best to learn the correct way to care for it. But his ex wasn’t listening to any of that and wanted him to return to the old routine immediately.

Now OP isn’t sure what to do. He thought he was doing the right thing by getting help with his daughter’s grooming, but now he wonders if he did something wrong.

Redditors are divided on this story.

Some of them agree OP made a shrewd move by asking the teacher for help, and they think the little girl has benefited.

Is He Doing the Wrong Thing?

But others think OP is trying to pass the blame to his ex-wife, when he should have insisted that she teach him how to care for their daughter in all ways.

And some say that OP is taking advantage of the teacher by asking her to do even more work than she already does but for no extra pay.

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