He Uncovered a 59-Year-Old Family Secret So Shocking That It Split Two Families Apart!

This confusing, messed-up story of family drama comes to us hot off the press! A guy has taken to Reddit to confess the details of a discovery that has been weighing on him for months; a secret so shocking it has torn two families apart! Read on to find out the grisly details.

Carrying a Heavy Burden

Our protagonist, DM, has been carrying a heavy burden for months now. It all started when he decided to take a DNA test to confirm his ancestry – he’s always been curious about his family history.

Little did he know it would unearth a 59-year-old family secret that has torn two families apart.

When DM got his test results back, he was excited to check out his ancestry results and see which of his family members had taken the test and how much DNA they shared. But the top two matches were people he didn’t know.

A little backstory: DM’s dad’s family is part of a religious cult. It turns out that his grandma had an affair with her husband’s uncle, who was the leader of this cult at the time and ended up having DM’s dad.

The Affair Was Leaked

The news of the affair got leaked to everyone who was in the church at the time, and his biological grandfather left the church and moved halfway across the state.

DM’s family tried to keep it on the down low and kept it a secret other than his dad’s cousin hinting at it when they were 12.

DM’s dad graduated high school and ended up leaving the cult, but he was pretty much cut off from the family when he did this because the main rule of this church/cult is that people who aren’t part of it are going to a very hot place!

Therefore, no one ever brought the matter up, and DM’s siblings hadn’t heard of it other than what their dad told them.

He Matched With His Half Aunt

But the two people DM matched with ended up being his half-aunt and his half-first cousin. His half-aunt is still part of this cult and is aware of the affair.

She was a teenager when this happened, and she ignored DM’s messages and told his cousin that she wouldn’t talk to his dad’s side of the family “to protect her dad’s reputation.”

Her dad died almost 20 years ago. DM’s half-first cousin had no idea about this, and his mom’s response to the situation led him and his family to lose contact with her.

Just a couple of weeks ago, DM got another close match. This person turned out to be another half-cousin’s daughter.

She Was Uncomfortable

DM reached out to her, and she was very kind but understandably seemed to be very uncomfortable with this situation.

The most heartbreaking part of this whole thing is having to rethink how DM is related to people.

The people he thought were his dad’s full siblings are actually his half-aunts and uncles, but also half-cousins since his dad’s father is their dad’s uncle.

The woman he thought was a cousin is actually his half-aunt. It gets even more confusing with the age differences. His half-aunt is just a few years younger than his grandma, and his half-cousin is his dad’s age.

A Crazy Situation

The half-cousin’s daughter that DM matched with also has a child, making him a college student with two generations of family members below his! What an absolutely crazy situation!

DM is not quite sure how to approach this situation other than to keep quiet about it. He doesn’t want any more relationships damaged because of this family secret.

He knows for a fact that his cousins don’t know, but he’s not sure about his dad’s siblings.

This is the most messed up situation DM has ever been in, and he regrets taking the DNA test.

Caused Him Nothing but Pain

It has caused him nothing but pain and confusion, and he feels like he’s stuck in a never-ending nightmare. He wishes he could go back in time and never take the test!

DM’s heart goes out to anyone who is considering taking an at-home DNA test. He advises anyone considering an at-home DNA test to consider his experience, think twice, and consider the risks involved.

The truth may be out there, but sometimes it’s better to let sleeping dogs lie.

Luckily there was one positive to all this. His dad has struggled with his mental health his entire life and did not feel like he belonged.

He Was Always Treated Differently

He was always treated differently from his siblings, and he didn’t know why. This confirmation has brought him closure, and despite having to rework everything in his head, DM thinks it has done wonders for his mental health.

Redditors were shocked by the guy’s story – they empathized with the confusing position DM was in.

One user said, “I would absolutely just drop the half from my thoughts of the family you’ve always known because in your heart, they are your family. The rest is hard, and I’d seek counseling. From a licensed therapist or even your pastor if you are religious. I’m so sorry. It’s one reason I don’t like these tests among many.”

What do you make of this insane story? What a crazy family revelation; hopefully, in time, he can find the answers he’s looking for!

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