He Unintentionally Destroyed His Father’s Faith by Questioning Passages in the Bible; He Felt Remorseful as His Dad Approached the Afterlife

In a recent Reddit post, a user’s quest for understanding religion led to unintended consequences. Here’s the full story.

As a Family, They Had Strong Christian Values

Growing up in a household with strong Christian values, OP’s upbringing was firmly rooted in his father’s Catholic background.

However, as OP encountered challenges in life, he embarked on a path of seeking solace and guidance through reading the Bible.

However, in this quest, he stumbled upon inconsistencies and troubling passages within the text, prompting him to compile notes for further investigation.

To gain clarity, OP turned to his father, hoping to engage in a meaningful discussion about his concerns as the father knew more than him and OP thought maybe he misunderstood some part.

Inconsistencies in the Bible Led to His Father To Lose His Faith

This act, while well-intentioned, set off a chain of events that would ultimately lead to a profound shift in their father’s faith.

Upon reviewing OP’s notes, his father initially struggled to provide satisfactory explanations, saying “Well we don’t always understand god’s plan” and then got quiet and started getting upset.

After looking into his doubts for countless hours without finding any answers, he found out that it’s actually quite common for Christians to take up reading the bible and end up falling out of the religion over what’s actually in the book.

OP told his father about this and he just said he didn’t know anymore.

God and the Afterlife Gave His Dad Solace

Now OP’s father is in bad health and OP knows that the idea of god and an afterlife gives him a lot of comfort when he knows he’s reaching the end.

However, OP felt bad for taking that from him, even though it wasn’t his intention.

This turn of events prompted feelings of guilt and remorse in OP, who questioned whether their actions were ethically sound.

OP took to Reddit to ask whether he was wrong for what he did and several Redditors sided with him saying that he was not wrong.

He Now Feels Guilty

One Reddit user wrote, “NTA. If he falls off his belief that easily he never really believed in the first place. He probably already knew it was all fake but just wanted to believe, now he just knows for sure it’s fake and can’t keep up the fake believing anymore either.”

Another Redditor commented, “As you surmised, your problem was actually reading the bible. The church would prefer that you didn’t, and just believed their lies.”

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