He Was Bullied at Work For Years but Finally Got His Long-Awaited Revenge in Broad Daylight

He left a toxic workplace due to being overworked and bullied by coworker Chris, who he later encountered him in a pub with his new girlfriend, and publicly exposed him for being her former workplace bully.

He Didn’t Like Being Bullied

In June of last year, this guy left a toxic workplace after eight years of being overworked and relentlessly bullied.

The main reason for leaving was due to a breakdown from being overworked, but one particular person, a colleague named Chris, made the situation even worse with his bullying.

Chris, who was one year younger than the man, was a 30-year-old who appeared to have peaked in high school, with a jock-like mentality and childish behavior.

Although the man was civil with Chris because they had to work together, Chris was the workplace bully.

His ‘Playfulness’ Was Relentless

Chris’s teasing, which he claimed was “playful,” was relentless and often pushed to bullying because he never knew when to quit. 

If he noticed someone was getting stressed or annoyed, he would use them as a target for his teasing for the rest of the day.

He was super nice to people when it was just the two of them, but as soon as he had an audience, he would pick a “victim” and constantly tease them. 

If someone ever stood up for themselves, Chris would claim he was “only messing” and make himself out to be the victim.

He Accused Him of Writing an Angry Review

One incident that particularly upset the man was when an ex-employee wrote a very aggressive and angry review about the company on Glassdoor.

Chris thought the man wrote the review just because the writer used a phrase that the narrator also used.

Despite proving they didn’t write the review, Chris was relentless in campaigning around the office that he wrote it.

He also believes Chris told the boss he wrote it after he left, which may have prevented him from getting any freelance work from the company.

Still Spoke to His Old Team Every Day

After leaving the workplace, the man remained part of a group chat with their old team, which still talked almost every other day.

However, the chat went quiet for a while after the narrator left, and he assumed the team had made a new one just for themselves. 

The man unfollowed and unfriended Chris on Facebook and Instagram because he no longer wanted to be associated with him. 

Publicly Removed the Bully

One morning at 6:30 am, Chris broadcast a message in the group chat asking why the man had unfollowed and unfriended him. The man was honest and said Chris was a bully, and he’d rather remove him from their life. 

He also said it was immature to call them out in the group chat, instead of talking to them in private.

Chris didn’t respond and simply left the group chat and blocked the man on everything, effectively ending the group chat.

Three months later, while walking through town, he stopped at a pub to get some food.

Bully Was a Deer in Headlights

The man saw Chris there with a new girl they hadn’t seen before. Feeling extra-confident, he approached Chris and asked him how he was doing. 

Chris looked like a deer in headlights and clearly didn’t want to continue the conversation.

The new girl asked how they knew each other, and the man generously waited for Chris to say they worked together, before he added that Chris was their workplace bully. 

He also mentioned how Chris accused them of writing a hostile review about the company, and lost them a lot of freelance work. 

He Was Gobsmacked!

Chris was gobsmacked, and the new girl looked confused and uncomfortable.

The man then added insult to injury by mentioning some of Chris’s previous girlfriends and how he gets around. 

The new girl became angry, and the narrator apologized before leaving.

Although the narrator felt petty, they were proud to finally get closure and revenge on Chris.

“I’ve Dreamt of Bumping Into My Bully”

One Redditor wrote, “Since leaving my toxic work environment, I’ve dreamt of bumping into my bully and doing a similar “happy to see you” confrontation.”

One woman urged, “Definitely don’t feel sorry for the potential girlfriend – better she found out now and could dump him!”

What do you think? Have you ever been in an uncomfortable situation because of a workplace bully?

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