He Was Perplexed How a Drunk Driver Wanted To Drive Three Hours Home in His Smashed up Car… So He Called the Cops

This story comes to us from Reddit – a guy’s day off was interrupted by a phone call that turned into a crazy story!

“UM… What Do You do…if Some Guy Walks Into the Lobby?”

Troy, a laid-back guy enjoying his day off, was engrossed in a video game when his phone rang. On the other end was his coworker, Ben, sounding perplexed and seeking guidance.

Their General Manager was notorious for being unresponsive, and the Assistant General Manager was equally elusive. That’s why Ben had turned to Troy, knowing he was usually awake and ready to answer the call.

“Hey, it’s Ben,” Ben began, catching Troy off guard and interrupting his game.

“Um…what do you do…if some guy walks into the lobby, clearly intoxicated, and decides he wants to drive home three hours away?” Ben asked, his tone tinged with uncertainty.

Call the Cops if He’s Bleeding!

Troy paused for a moment, still trying to process the situation. This wasn’t Ben’s first encounter with intoxicated guests on the weekend night shift, so why the sudden confusion?

“You try to convince him to stay at the hotel and guide him to a room, using some gentle pressure if necessary. Do everything you can to prevent him from leaving,” Troy advised, his confusion evident.

“But now he’s bleeding from his head and heading out the door,” Ben added, leaving Troy even more puzzled.

“What? Why is he bleeding? Follow him! Don’t let him leave, and why are you calling me? Call the cops or an ambulance,” Troy responded, now fully invested in the unfolding events and hastily putting on his shoes.

His Car Was Completely Wrecked

“Okay, I followed him out, and his car is completely wrecked. The front end is crumpled, the roof is deformed, the windshield is cracked, and the truck bed is almost falling off.

Both of his tires are blown out, and one of them is shredded. There’s fluid leaking everywhere,” Ben described, while Troy grabbed his car keys, ready to take action.

“I’m on my way. Did you call the police?” Troy inquired, starting his car. “Yeah, I used the hotel phone to call them as soon as he stepped outside and while I was dialing you,” Ben confirmed, his voice filled with urgency.

“Oh, they just arrived. The guy is still trying to drive away.”

The Police Were on Their Way

Troy’s concern heightened as he raced to the scene. He urged Ben to survey the parking lot for any other damaged cars.

If the intoxicated man had managed to navigate the lot with such a mangled vehicle, Troy dreaded to think about the potential carnage.

As Ben scoured the area, the wailing sirens of the police cars echoed through the phone.

“There are no damaged cars. From the entrance to his parking spot, there’s no evidence of collisions. I can see the skid marks he left behind, but he made it in without causing any further damage,” Ben reported.

But the Drunk Man Still Wanted To Drive Home!

Now thoroughly bewildered, Troy pondered how a heavily intoxicated man, bleeding from his head and determined to embark on a three-hour drive in a clearly crippled car, managed to park safely without incident.

Pulling into the hotel parking lot, Troy was amazed at the extent of the damage inflicted upon the vehicle. It was truly miraculous that the driver had only sustained minor injuries!

The police had already detained the man and were interrogating Ben when Troy arrived. Eager for evidence, the officers requested access to the surveillance footage, which Troy promptly retrieved.

Unfortunately, the cameras only captured the man entering through the front door, interacting with Ben, and leaving with a bleeding head. Regrettably, there were no external cameras to shed light on the earlier events.

The Following Day They Learned the Truth

It wasn’t until the following day that they learned the truth. The man had indeed caused additional damage on a dimly lit corner street in front of a small spillway exit for a strip mall.

Taking the turn too fast and wide, he crashed into a light pole, riding up its side before flipping his truck. The vehicle then struck a small tree, splitting it in half, and flipped again, eventually landing on its wheels with popped tires!

Despite the wreckage, the man somehow managed to drive into the hotel parking lot across from the strip mall, park his vehicle safely, and nonchalantly enter the premises.

Sometimes, life throws us into bewildering and chaotic situations that leave us questioning the absurdity of it all. In this extraordinary tale a moral emerges from the wreckage.

Choices That Defy Comprehension!

Life can be unpredictable and filled with unexpected twists and turns. We may encounter situations that defy logic and reason, leaving us scratching our heads in disbelief.

Troy and Ben’s experience serves as a stark reminder that we cannot always control or understand the actions of others.

It highlights the reality that people make choices that sometimes defy comprehension, even when it seems obvious what the right course of action should be.

Have you ever experienced a bizarre or puzzling situation that left you questioning the logic of it all? What happened?

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