He Was Upset Because Other Children Called Him Stupid and Took His Toys – His Mum Got Defensive and Stood Her Ground

Causing a scene for something your child did is unacceptable and immature. However, some parents simply wish to defend their children, even when they are wrong, as they do not wish to teach the children a lesson. 

She Got Defensive over Her Son

In this instance, a mum gets so defensive that she is rude and does not encourage her children to say sorry for something mean that they did to another child. 

This mum on TikTok @proud.weirdos shares her story in a video about an argument she had with another mum that day, which she found necessary but at the same time, “ridiculous”. 

The mum was at a countryside pub in the garden with her family and children. They were minding their own business, having a lovely time, and allowing their son to play in the sandpit.

She allowed her son to take his toys to the sandpit with him, which he does in other places as he is safe and gentle with them.

Other Children Were Playing With Her Son

While playing, the other children were “absolutely lovely” and so kind that they also took time to play with their dog, Cooper.

The children were “really sweet” with one another and chatted away while playing with the toys in the sandpit.

While the mum and the family were minding their own business, the lovely children that played with the dog approached her to let her know other children had called her son “stupid”.  

To her surprise and shock, she wanted to gently find out more about what was going on to resolve the issue and ensure her son was fine.

They Called Him Names and Wouldn’t Return His Toys

Her son, Theo, approaches her and she asks him what happened. He admits that the other children did call him “stupid” and they refused to give back his toys.

The children called him this name once he asked for his toys back, which isn’t acceptable.

Hence, the mum decided to go over to the children to ask them for the toys back, let them know it isn’t ok to call people names, and ask for an apology.

The children agree to hand them back and the mum then hands back the toys to her son.

His Toys Were Missing

However, a few toys are missing and the children persist that they want to play with the toys in the sandpit. The mum kindly says that would be ok but her son wants them back.

While this is happening, the mum of these difficult children decides to approach the sandpit and asks what is going on. 

The son’s mum is polite and reassures her all is ok and she simply wants her son’s toys back as they haven’t been nice to him and he no longer wishes to play with them.

She tells her how her children called her son stupid. Instead of apologizing on behalf of her children, the mum ignores her and the other mum continues to tell her it isn’t nice to call people names. 

“Don’t Talk to My Kids”

The mother of the difficult children decides to speak up and tells the other mum “not to talk to her kids”.

Instead of being calm and friendly, her aggressive tone suggests she wants to pick an argument and not agree that what her children have done is unacceptable.

The mum wanted to tell these difficult children not to be horrible and to ask the mum to do the same and ensure her children do not act this way again. However, she restrains as she doesn’t want to tell the woman what to do.

The difficult mum decided to get defensive and asked her to “go away” and continued to say “Don’t talk to my kids”.

And an Argument Broke Out

This childish behavior shocked the mum and she asked why she was in the sandpit with her children. The son’s mum told her she is simply looking for her son’s toys and wished to have an adult conversation to get them back. 

However, the difficult mum continues to argue and not be polite. Hence, the argument breaks out and the son’s mum doesn’t get what she wanted. Unfortunately, some people do not know how to be polite and mature. 

Have you ever had a situation like this? Would you argue more or simply walk away from the childish behavior?

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