“Heart-Break” for Trans Youth – Gender-Affirming Treatments on Children Banned – Will Parents of Trans Kids Be Forced to Leave North Carolina?

Gender-affirming treatments on children under the age of 18 have been flat-out banned in the state of North Carolina, with passionate arguments on both sides causing unrest on the Senate floor.

Heartbroken Trans Youth

In a recent decision that caused heartbreak in North Carolina, the Republican-led General Assembly has overridden vetoes on crucial bills that impact transgender rights.

This has set off a fierce debate on gender-affirming treatments, LGBTQ+ instruction, and sports participation.

North Carolina made a resounding statement by enacting legislation that restricts gender-affirming medical treatments for transgender youth. 

Medical professionals are now barred from providing hormone therapy, puberty-blocking drugs, and surgical gender-transition procedures to individuals under 18.

Ban on Gender-Affirming Care

The bill, which takes immediate effect, has sparked widespread discussion and concern and makes North Carolina the 22nd state to ban gender-affirming care for transgender minors. 

These laws have faced legal challenges elsewhere, and local LGBTQ+ advocates have promised to challenge the North Carolina ban in court.

The North Carolina General Assembly clashed with opinions as Republican supermajorities in both the House and Senate rallied behind the controversial bills. 

The Assembly voted to override Governor Cooper’s vetoes, pushing these bills into law.

Irreversible Medical Procedures

Republican Senator Joyce Krawiec, a key sponsor of the bill, argued the importance of protecting children from potentially irreversible medical procedures. 

On the other side, Democratic Senator Lisa Grafstein, the only openly LGBTQ+ state senator in North Carolina, voiced her dismay, calling the gender-affirming care bill “heartbreaking.”

Tensions escalated during the legislative process, with emotions erupting on the Senate floor and LGBTQ+ supporters in the Senate gallery expressing their outrage, resulting in their forced removal from the chamber. 

Creating a Divide

Governor Cooper swiftly condemned the Assembly’s actions, labeling their priorities as “wrong” and criticizing their decision to prioritize laws that will divide the state over other issues like education.

The immediate impact of this legislation weighs heavily on families with transgender and nonbinary children. 

For parents like Elizabeth Waugh, not knowing whether their children will be able to transition has given them a tough choice: should they stay or should they go?

As the grandparent of a transgender child, Democratic Representative John Autry pleaded with his Republican colleagues to reconsider their stance, movingly asking them to “just stop it” before they cast their votes.

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