Heartache and Regret – He Battles Family’s Insensitivity Over His Past Choices as His Wedding Day Approaches

A groom-to-be had Redditors in a frenzy after he told his family to stop calling his second wife his second wife. Because, apparently, sometimes the first ones don’t count. Here is the whole story.

They Were the Best of Friends

OP is a 32-year-old man engaged to a woman he loves very much. They can’t wait to get married, but his family has been stirring up some trouble for him.

Back in college, OP became best friends with one of his roommates, who was a woman. Though they were never romantically involved, they became extremely close and remain great friends today.

Even after college, OP and the other woman roomed together and even adopted a dog.

At that time, OP’s friend was questioning her sexuality, but her traditional parents pressured her to get married. She was also having trouble getting health insurance.

… And Married for Convenience

So OP talked it through with her, and they decided to get married. They didn’t have a wedding ceremony, but they signed all the documents to make it legal and told their families about the marriage.

OP even told his family that the marriage wasn’t fully legit and that the couple was not interested in each other romantically. His parents didn’t approve, but it was his life.

As OP reached his mid-20s, though, his friend’s life had stabilized a bit, and he decided he wanted to start dating for real. So, they got a divorce to ensure there wouldn’t be any strings on either of them moving forward.

Nobody talked much about OP’s first marriage since the divorce until he announced that he was engaged to his fiance.

His Family Tease Him for Marrying Again

Now OP’s family is giving him a hard time about moving on to his second wife.

Some family members say that’s many marriages for someone OP’s age. Others jab him in the ribs and say they hope #2 turns out better than #1.

OP knows they’re at least partially joking, but they’re also passing judgment on him. What’s worse, they say all of this in front of his new fiance.

It all makes OP and his wife-to-be very uncomfortable, even though she already knows all about his past.

Were They Cutting Him Down?

OP has tried nicely to stop the comments, reminding his family that the marriage to his good friend wasn’t a traditional romantic relationship. But that seems to make them double down and say that, technically, his fiance will definitely be his second wife.

Finally, at a recent family breakfast, the comments came at the couple from all directions. OP had enough and started yelling back, saying everyone was rude and disrespectful.

OP and his bride felt like the whole family was cutting down their relationship.

But OP’s mom and sister pushed back, telling him he shouldn’t have married a friend if he didn’t want to deal with “second wife” comments in the future.

He Said He’d Uninvite Them From the Wedding

That riled up OP even more, and he told them he’d uninvite them from the wedding if they didn’t stop with the hurtful teasing.

Now, tensions are high in the family, and OP isn’t sure how to move forward.

Redditors are split in their opinions of this situation.

He’s Justified Standing For His New Relationship

Some think that OP was justified in standing for his new relationship. They say that he’s told his family what he expects many times, and they should honor that.

Others, though, side with the mom and sister. They think there’s no escaping the fact that OP’s new wife will, in fact, forever be his second wife since he was married once before.

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