Heartbreak Over Breakfast – Husband’s Refusal to Fulfill Simple Wish Leaves Wife Disheartened

A self-righteous husband took all kinds of flak from Redditors when he revealed that he refused his wife’s special breakfast request. Who knew runny eggs had this much power? Here is the whole story.

A Fun Family Day!

OP is a 36-year-old man who is married to a 35-year-old woman. They have three children: two girls who are 12 and 11 years old, and a boy, who is 9.

One recent weekend, OP and his wife decided they would have a family togetherness day. The plan was to eat breakfast together, watch a movie, have lunch, play games, and adjourn.

As part of the festivities, OP thought it would be nice if he made a big breakfast for everyone. And, since his wife typically does about 75% of the cooking, it would also give her a break.

So OP got up early and started working on a big spread that included scrambled eggs, waffles, sausage, bacon…pretty much the works! The kids were thrilled and loaded up their plates when he told them it was ready.

She Asked Him for Her Favorite Over-Easy Eggs

But just as he was about to sit down and eat, OP’s wife asked him to make her some eggs over-easy.

Since she was the only family member who liked liquid, runny yolks, OP hadn’t bothered to make anything but scrambled eggs. And he wasn’t in the mood to take special requests.

So OP told his wife he was done cooking, but he suggested she could make her own eggs if she wanted something different.

It would take OP just a couple of minutes, his wife argued, and it would make her happy.

He Said “NO”

OP repeated that he wouldn’t make the eggs for his wife. She pushed back, saying everything was still out and hot, and he was still cooking.

Still, OP stood his ground, and the two went back and forth with their quiet bickering for a couple more rounds. Finally, OP went and sat down, and it was over and done with.

But the small fight with his wife bothered OP for several reasons in the aftermath.

First, there was plenty of food; he knew his wife also liked scrambled eggs. He didn’t understand why she needed to drop a special request on him as he finished.

They Turned Something Minor Into a Fight

More than that, though, OP was upset with both of them for turning something so minor into an argument. He thought it should have been a non-issue either way.

Overall, OP still thinks he was right and that his wife was being unreasonable, even if it was just a minimal request. So he took to Reddit to see what other people thought.

Well, Redditors came down hard on OP. Most of them said he was just being petty and didn’t understand why he couldn’t take a few minutes to make his wife happy.

He Missed a Golden Opportunity To Strengthen Their Bond by Going the Extra Mile

Some commenters point out that husbands and wives should do little things to improve each other’s lives. Refusing a direct request to do that is like a breach of contract.

Others agree that OP was maybe technically correct and that his wife could have eaten and liked plenty of other food. But even they think he missed a golden opportunity to strengthen their bond by going the extra mile.

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