Hellofresh Net Worth, History, Founder, Services (Updated)

HelloFresh SE is a publicly traded German meal-kit company headquartered in Berlin, Germany. This company is a leading provider of meal kits in the US, as well as in Canada, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, New Zealand, and Western Europe.

The company is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange following its initial public offering in November 2017.

Hellofresh Net Worth

Thomas Griesel and Dominik Richter are the founders of Hellofresh, and the company’s net worth is $2.3 billion, with investment capital worth hundreds of millions.

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Hellofresh history

Thomas Griesel, Dominik Richter, and Jessica Nilsson founded HelloFresh in Berlin, Germany, in November 2011. Griesel and Richter hand-delivered the first 10 orders. This was one of the first meal kit companies. 

The company was financed by the German startup studio Rocket Internet. The company began offering paid meal kits early in 2012, shortly after which it expanded to the Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States, and Australia. 

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In 2014, 1 million meals were claimed to be delivered per month. During a funding round in 2014, they raised $50 million, having previously attracted $7 million in 2013 and $10 million in 2012.

Hellofresh Services

The business model of HelloFresh is to prepare all of the ingredients needed to cook a meal, which are then delivered to customers, who then cook it according to a recipe card in about 30 to 40 minutes.

For approximately $60 to $70 you can get three meals for two people per week. There are approximately 19 recipes to choose from.