Her Blind Date Was So Rude When the Waitress Brought Him the Wrong Beer

Have you ever been on a terrible first date? This woman certainly has! Luckily her tale is that of petty revenge on a horrible guy she went on a blind date with. Read on to find out how she got her revenge!

Online Dating

The original poster (OP), a successful businesswoman in her mid-thirties, had just gotten out of a long-term relationship and decided to try her luck with online dating.

She stumbled upon a phone dating site and matched with a charming and polite man. He suggested they meet at a fancy restaurant, and he would pay since his parents had raised him as a gentleman.

She arrived at the nice restaurant as suggested by her date, ready for a good time. However, things took a turn for the worse as soon as they sat down to order.

The date started with her date, let’s call him Mr. Rude, commenting on the expensive prices on the menu.


He quickly decided on getting the burger meal for himself and insisted that the OP do the same. Annoyed but trying to brush it off, the OP went along with it.

But then, the waitress accidentally brought Mr. Rude the wrong beer. What happened next left the OP utterly shocked and disgusted.

Mr. Rude’s true colors emerged as he criticized the waitress for her mistake in a nasty and condescending manner. He refused to accept her apologies and demanded the right beer with no regard for her feelings. 

The poor waitress was visibly flustered and on the verge of tears. The OP couldn’t believe what she was witnessing. Mr. Rude then turned to the OP as if nothing had happened and casually asked her about her job!

Repulsed By His Manners

The OP, feeling repulsed by Mr. Rude’s behavior, kept her answers short and minimal.

As the night went on, Mr. Rude continued to push the cheapest options on the menu, and when the waitress brought him the correct beer, he snidely said, “Oh look, she can think.”

The OP had had enough. When it was time to order, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

With a big smile, she confidently ordered the most expensive items on the menu, including a pricey drink and dessert, all on Mr. Rude’s tab.

Ignoring Him

Ignoring his protests, she made it clear to the waitress that it was Mr. Rude’s treat, as he claimed to be a gentleman!

The OP sat back and enjoyed her delicious, expensive steak while Mr. Rude rambled on about himself. She gave him short answers, uninterested in his self-centered monologue. 

When it was time to leave, Mr. Rude left a measly $1 tip for the waitress, claiming that was all she deserved! That was the last straw for the OP.

Outside by her car, Mr. Rude asked when he could see her again, but the OP had had enough.

Rude and Condescending Behavior

She looked him in the eye and confidently told him that they would never see each other again.

She called him out for his rude and condescending behavior towards the waitress, stating that she would never want to be associated with someone like him. 

She couldn’t resist a parting shot, “You’re disgusting. Lose my number, pig.” With her head held high, the OP walked back into the restaurant and handed the waitress a $10 tip, apologizing for her date’s appalling manners.

She explained that this would be their last date, as it was a blind date gone horribly wrong.


As the OP drove away from the restaurant, she couldn’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction. It wasn’t a grand revenge like some of the stories she had read, but it made her feel better. 

She refused to let Mr. Rude’s behavior slide and took a stand for the mistreated waitress. She got to stand up to her rude and entitled date and even managed to make him pay for her expensive meal! 

It just goes to show that sometimes, the best revenge is taking the high road and showing people that their bad behavior will not be tolerated. It was a small act but enough for the OP to feel empowered and proud of herself.

She knows that she deserves better than someone like Mr. Rude and vowed never to tolerate disrespectful behavior from anyone, regardless of the situation.

Revenge is Sweet

She learned the importance of standing up for herself and others, even in uncomfortable situations. 

Redditors enjoyed this woman’s tale of revenge.

One user said, “This is how it’s done! Good for you. I always pay attention to how people treat servers because that’s an indication of their humanity and real manners.

Other things to look out for: what they do when no one is watching them. What I mean by this: do they bring the cart back to the corral in a parking lot? Do they tidy up a plane bathroom if they mess it up?

Do they make space for others in crowded situations or do they use their body to take the advantage?”

What do you think of her story of a blind date gone wrong? He certainly paid for being rude to that waitress!

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